Don’t Mount Your iPhone on a Motorcycle, Says Apple

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Hannah DeWitt
Updated on Jun 27, 2022 · 3 min read
Almost everyone who owns a
has worried about damaging it at some point. Whether you dropped it on the ground or played music in the shower and got it a little too wet, these moments certainly strike a chord of panic.
Apple has worked to make its iPhones more durable, creating water-resistant phones with shatter-resistant
. But what if you were hurting your phone over days—months, even—and didn’t know it?
A new report from
found that you can damage your phone if you mount it on a motorcycle, especially the phone cameras.
Motorcycles and iPhones don’t go well together.

How does mounting a phone on a motorcycle damage it?

Vibrations from active motorcycles with certain frequencies can be detrimental to your phone camera and degrade its performance over time. High-powered motorcycles produce high-amplitude vibrations.
Apple has made some new modifications to their iPhones to improve shaky or moving photos. iPhones with this technology function magnetically or through advanced gyroscopes, and the vibrations channelled through the motorcycle chassis or handlebars can throw off these systems.
Smaller bikes, such as scooters, are less likely to cause the same amount of harm to your camera. In any case, Apple recommends that you avoid mounting your phone for prolonged periods of time without a vibration-dampening mount.

Should you get a car instead of a motorcycle?

These iPhone mounting issues could be another reason why some consumers might choose to buy a car over a motorcycle. It might be a better idea in terms of safety as well.
Insurance Information Institute
reported that in 2019, motorcyclists were almost 29 times more likely than car passengers to die in a crash per vehicle miles traveled.
Closed vehicles inherently offer better protection against crashes, and motorcycles are less visible to other drivers and pedestrians. However, motorcycles are still popular, not only due to their significant pop-culture presence, but also because they’re cheaper to own than cars.
There are several ways to protect yourself while driving a motorcycle, such as wearing gloves, a helmet, and other protective gear.
If you decide to get a motorcycle, it’s important to get adequate insurance coverage.

Are motorcycles cheaper to insure than cars?

Motorcycle insurance is typically less expensive than car insurance, even though motorcycles may be more risky to drive. This is because motorcycles are usually cheaper to replace or
. Their small size also means they’ll probably cause less property damage than a car in the event of an accident.
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