Dodge Wants to "Tear Up the Streets, Not the Planet" with This New Electric Muscle Car

Brandon Moore
· 4 min read
Automakers are continually
, and as a consumer mindset shifts toward both environmental and economic concerns,
electric vehicles
are set to take the market by storm.
While some manufacturers like Tesla emerged as electric-only,
others have been introducing more and more electric vehicles
(EVs). Some have even partnered together to share technology and facilities. Now, one of the last auto manufacturers anyone expected to make big EV waves has made an announcement.

Dodge announces that they are releasing a performance electric vehicle in 2024

Dodge is bringing their high performance to the EV market in 2024
"Tear up the streets, not the planet." That's what Dodge said when they dropped their big news at the Stellantis EV day presentations.
Fox News
quoted Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis as saying that the company had reached its performance potential with gas-powered V8 engines, and that it has an "obligation to embrace" electric vehicles.
Dodge's reputation is built on powerful performance vehicles. As a brand, Dodge has cultivated an image of power and fast cars, and their vehicles' performance stats help back up that reputation.
Car and Driver
says that the 2021 Dodge Challenger Hellcat is capable of up to a blistering 807 horsepower, for example.
But Dodge has decided that they have found the limits of gas-powered V8 engines and have moved into the domain of electric performance. They will release an electric supercar in 2024. One of the few details released was a computer generated image that resembled a classic 1968 Charger, with all four tires smoking.
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Dodge promises power and performance

Dodge made it a point that they are staying loyal to their customers who expect
from their brand. This is not an electric vehicle meant to garner a different customer base; this is an EV for their supercar fans. According to
Business Insider
, this is just an example of Dodge making their already fast and powerful vehicles even fast and even more powerful.
Dodge will be doing what they do best: building muscle cars. They're even redesigning their classic three-point logo, if the point wasn't clear enough. Dodge's reputation and history as a pioneer of the muscle car era is solidly behind their new EV build.
Dodge promises better than their current performance. The Dodge Demon currently hits 60 mph in just over 2 seconds and has an impressive 840 horsepower. If the 2024 EV stands up to Dodge's promise, it will be a standout in the EV world.

Dodge's electric vehicle draws comparisons to the Tesla Model S Plaid

isn't the only company to draw performance out of their electric vehicles. Tesla's Model S Plaid can hit 60 mph in just under 60 seconds.
said that the acceleration was impressively quick and smooth, and it definitely delivered the promised zero to 60 time, but that it had some drawbacks.
The Tesla Model S Plaid requires a set-up to deliver that performance. It takes anywhere between eight and 15 minutes to set up the right mode. Tesla is working to streamline that process.
Tesla asked that the track be modified for additional traction at the starting line. With the additional traction, the
Model S Plaid
hit 60 mph in 1.98 seconds. It did set a new land-speed record for production cars with the "sticky" starting line, but that is not something that most drivers will ever encounter, even if they are taking their cars for a spin on a track.
While Dodge has not given many more details about their new EV coming in 2024, the assumption can be made that it likely will not require a "drag-strip mode" like the Tesla Model S Plaid does, considering Dodge's focus on performance and power. Dodge will likely give Tesla some stiff competition in the performance EV market.
Dodge is just the latest manufacturer to shift focus to EV production, though it is one of the first to focus on electric power and performance. They know their customer base, and will endeavor to deliver exactly what a new generation of thrill seekers want.
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