The Dodge Midnight Express and Other Rare Pickup Trucks

Isabel Armiento
· 3 min read
In the past decade or so,
pickup trucks
have begun to gain a much bigger following than ever before. Now it’s not uncommon to see pickup trucks that come with
special features
intended not just for practicality, but for speed,
, and design.
For much of the past 50 years, pickup trucks were valued for their work utility, rather than their cool factor. That being said, there were still some special edition vehicles that would appeal even to modern truck-lovers, with several such pickup trucks made by
, such as the Dodge Midnight Express.
Die-hard pickup truck fans may appreciate these rare, old-school pickup trucks, many of which haven’t been seen on the road in decades.
The Dodge Midnight Express and other rare pickup trucks are great finds for any classic truck lover.

Dodge Midnight Express

Dodge manufactured the Dodge Midnight Express for one year only in 1978, so it’s become exceptionally rare. In fact, only around 200 units of this model were ever produced, making it a coveted collectible item.
The Dodge Midnight Express had a massive 440 cubic-inch V8 engine, which is what sets it apart from the better-known Dodge vehicle manufactured in the 1970s, the Dodge L’il Red Express.
According to
Hot Cars
, the Dodge Midnight Express was made for Dodge’s "Adult Toys" line, and remains an iconic classic pickup truck.
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Ford SkyRanger: Even more rare than the Dodge Midnight Express

Think it can’t get any rarer than that? Think again. Ford produced less than 17 SkyRangers, not to be confused with Ford’s much more common
The Ford SkyRanger was released in 1991 and these days, is rarely seen outside of auctions. Though it wasn’t successful at the time of production, it has since accrued some serious value due to its collectible status.

Chevy S10

Little-known fact: the first electric pickup truck was produced by Chevrolet, not Tesla. The Chevy S10, which had an engine adapted for a 16.2-kilowatt battery, was created in 1996. Unfortunately, the tech wasn’t quite ready for an electric truck yet, and the model flopped.
Only 492 of these original electric pickup trucks were made, and a few still survive as testaments to a product made before its time.

Dodge Beasty Warlock

Dodge updated its more-popular Warlock model to have a high-powered 440 V8 engine. The catch? They only offered this gutsy feature on 47 Warlocks.
According to
Hot Cars
, Dodge released this 255 horsepower truck in the 1970, making it incredibly powerful and also very valuable. Due to its scarcity, the Dodge Beasty Warlock remains a valuable vehicle for truck gurus everywhere.

Dodge D Series High-Performance

Here’s yet another rare Dodge classic pickup truck for the list. Dodge’s D Series High Performance was first released in 1966, with a 426 Wedge V8 engine and 375 horsepower—shocking specs for the time, especially for a pickup truck.
While this truck should have been a smash hit, it was far too expensive for most truck-buyers. Only 50 were produced, and a confirmed 31 are still around, making this one of the rarest and most valuable Dodge vehicles money can buy.

GMC Syclone

This 1991 model is "the greatest of them all" when it comes to classic pickup trucks, at least according to
The Drive
. The GMC Syclone can hit 60 mph in 4.3 seconds, with a horsepower of 280. Unfortunately, GMC manufactured only 3,000 of these gems, which remain a favorite with pickup truck fans to this day.

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