Do You Need a Seat Belt Cutter and Other Car Escape Tools?

Jane Lu
Updated on Apr 27, 2022 · 3 min read
No one likes to think about getting into a
car accident
. However, being prepared just in case is one of the smartest things you can do for yourself and your passengers.
To that end, you might want to invest in a seat belt cutter along with a window breaker. These tools may just prove essential in an accident or other car emergency.
Modern vehicular technology and safety devices are designed to
prevent accidents
and lessen the impact. But these tools can help you survive the aftermath of a crash.
A seat belt cutter could save your life.

A seat belt cutter can save your life after an accident

A seat belt cutter does exactly what its name implies. It quickly and easily slashes through a seat belt so you're not trapped in your car if the seat belt buckle gets jammed in an accident. If your vehicle is on fire or sinking, the last thing you want to struggle with is a seat belt that won't come undone.  
Even if you have a sharp knife in your pocket, will you be able to reach it in time? If you're injured, will you have the strength to cut through the tough material used for seat belts? And will your trusty knife also be able to smash through tempered glass windows? According to
, these are all reasons why a seat belt cutter is a better choice than even a great knife.
These emergency tools are designed to be highly visible and easy to grab and use in any kind of emergency situation. That's extremely important when everything is chaotic and you may not be thinking clearly. 

How else can you use a seat belt cutter?

Getting out of a burning or sinking car is your first priority, of course. However, these emergency tools may have other functions besides slashing seat belts depending on which model you choose.
says some act as USB chargers, vent-mounted phone holders, glass clearing flathead hammers, hand-crank power banks, sirens, or LED flashlights.
There are even models that slip into the car door latch to assist you in getting out of the car quickly and safely. Some models have a magnetic strobe light that you can set on the outside of your car to attract attention. That could come in very handy if your vehicle ends up out of sight in a ditch. 
And, of course, they can almost always be used to break tempered glass side windows. That's an important function when you're trapped in a sinking car and the door won't open because of the outside water pressure.

Choose a model that's easily accessible

Some models are small enough to hang from your keychain so they will always be handy to grab when you need them most. If it has a clip, you can fasten it to the car visor. 
Others plug into your vehicle's power socket so you'll always know where they are. Remember to keep it in a place that’s easy to access. It won’t be much help stashed in the trunk or buried in the glove box.

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