Different Ways to Decorate Your Car for the Holidays

Jane Lu
Dec 23, 2021 · 4 min read
As Perry Como once sang, "There's no place like home for the holidays." Whether you're parked at home or out on the lonely highway this holiday season, adding some festive car accessories can get you in the Christmas spirit. 
After you've bought gifts for the car lover in your family, why not go the extra mile and decorate your car with some Christmas flair? Unlike house decorations, car decorations follow you wherever you go. 
With that in mind, here are our favorite Christmas decorations for cars.
Side view of a Christmas ornament with a small tree on top of a red car
Your car can also take part in the holiday festivities.

Spruce up your car with some greenery

Probably the easiest way to decorate your car is with some wreaths or garland. With some zip ties, you can easily attach a wreath to most car grilles. Additionally, most garlands can easily be attached to roof racks. 
Of course, decorating the interior will help keep any greenery cleaner and in better condition for subsequent seasons. If you plan on installing decorations inside the car, suction cups may work better than zip ties. 
If you really love green car accessories, we recommend taking a cutting from a live Christmas tree. Having a live branch in your car will provide a pine-like aroma that is unmistakably associated with Christmas. 
All you need to do is take a cutting from your Christmas tree and prune it so the branch end will fit in a water bottle. Then add a little bit of water to the bottle, place the branch in it, and store it in your cup holder. Now you have a little Christmas tree traveling with you wherever you go. 

Decorate with Christmas lights

Christmas lights are probably the showiest way to decorate any car for the holidays. Just note that it's probably not legal to drive with the Christmas lights on, so you should save the light show for when your car is parked.
We agree with CNET that starting small is the best way to go. If this is your first time lining your car with lights, it will probably be easier to start with a small batch and work your way up in subsequent seasons. 
No matter how many lights you use, you'll probably need an inverter. As most Christmas lights are 110-volt AC, they won't connect directly to a car's 12-volt DC outlet. To make the connection, you will need to buy an inverter. Fortunately, these are easy to find, and most automotive supply stores sell inverters year round. 

Add a giant bow

About a decade or so ago, Lexus popularized the idea of gifting a car as a holiday present. Just hearing "a December to remember" will make anyone think of these festive ads. In the commercials, the gifted Lexus is adorned with a giant red bow. 
These commercials gave rise to the trend of decorating cars with giant red bows. You can visit CarBowStore online to find dozens of different car bow options.

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