Creating a Widebody WRX Takes Some Serious Cash

Andrew Koole
Jan 19, 2022 · 3 min read
Of all the body kits available, the most popular one might be the Subaru WRX widebody. Fans of the modified stature say it’s how the Japanese automaker should’ve built the car in the factory. 
There’s no doubt that a widebody WRX looks cool. But making one costs a pretty penny. Widebody WRX kits range from affordable $500 packages to fully loaded kits for over $12,000. And then you have to put the thing together.
Novice car enthusiasts might hear about these types of projects and get excited, but the process of the build is complicated. You’ll most likely need to pay a professional body shop to do the bulk of the work, another thing that will cost you.
A close-up of the wheel on a 2018 Subaru WRX widebody.
Is all the money it takes to make a widebody WRX worth it?

What you need to give your WRX the widebody look

Whether you plan to build your widebody yourself or have a pro do it for you, you need to decide the exact style you’re going for and locate the necessary body parts for your project before doing anything.
One way people lower the overall cost of a project like this is by finding the pieces they need in scrap yards or online rather than buying a specific kit. If you’re not in a rush and you’re working with a tight budget, this is a good way to go. 
JN Garage, a Subaru modification blog, posted the details of a project. The list of necessary parts included:
  • Front fenders
  • Fender liners
  • Front bumper
  • Rear doors
  • Quarter panels
  • Fuel door assembly
With a mix of solo and pro bodywork, the project still cost around $6,000.

Other things to consider before building your widebody WRX

Choosing a style, finding the right parts, and building your widebody have a lot of steps on their own, but they aren’t the only things to think about when it comes to a project like this. 
First off, you need the car you plan to modify to be in relatively good shape before you get started. Joey from JN Garage says the most important thing to look for is rust. Welding your new panels onto your car will only work if you have rust-free metal to weld to.
You also need to be aware of how driving and expenses like car insurance will change once you complete your project. The new, lower stature of your car will make bumps and potholes more serious hazards than before. 
You’ll also need to inform your insurance provider of the changes you’ve made, and you should expect your premiums to go up as a result.

Finding car insurance for your modified WRX

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