Crazy Car-Themed Keywords People Are Actually Searching For Online

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Lisa Steuer McArdle
Updated on Apr 27, 2022 · 3 min read
If you could look at the keywords people are searching for on the internet, you’d find a wide range of results. Here at
, we provide you with the latest car advice and help you compare
car insurance
quotes. We thought it’d be fun to look at some of the top car-themed terms that people search for online.
Some of these are so bizarre, you won’t believe people are actually searching for them online.
Apparently, about 500 people a month search for raccoon car online
There are several searches at the top that you’d expect. "Car insurance" is one of the most searched terms, with 673,000 monthly searches. Clearly, it’s a topic people care about.
People shopping around for car insurance probably want to save money on premiums, so it makes sense that "cheap car insurance" has 201,000 searches a month. 74,000 people a month are specifically interested in "
car insurance" while 60,500 are searching for "car insurance near me."

The funniest car-themed searches

Now that you know the most-searched terms, let’s take a look at some of the more bizarre phrases we found.
There are about 500 people a month searching for "raccoon car." This might sound strange, but it could be referring to a couple of things. It could mean people want to know about the
Racoon aquatic-capable concept car that was first shown in 1992. It had many different features, like diffusing glass, remote-controlled entry, satellite navigation system, and cameras instead of rearview mirrors.
People searching for "raccoon car" could also just be looking for how to clean their car after a visit from a raccoon. Alternatively, they might want to watch funny videos on the internet featuring raccoons climbing into cars.
About 40 people every month are searching "How do you get 5 elephants into a compact car?" Perhaps there are some
out there trying to come up with new acts.
Another interesting one we found was "How drive wide car," that 170 people a month search for. It can be challenging to drive a bigger car if you’re used to a
smaller one
, so maybe that’s what these searches are about.
Finally, we’re not sure we want to know why 90 people are searching for this one: "how many times can you lick a car?" Hopefully, those people found the answers they were looking for.

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