Coolest Cars From 'The Matrix'

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Serena Aburahma
Updated on Apr 27, 2022 · 3 min read
When you think about iconic cars in movies, you probably think of something like the
cars in the Fast & Furious
Another film series that deserves more credit for its vehicles is The Matrix. Cars featured in The Matrix may not be front and center, but careful viewers will notice how impressive the selection of
car brands
With the revival of the series, The Matrix Resurrections, on the way, it's time to appreciate the coolest cars from the original films. According to
Best Movie Cars
, here are some of the most noteworthy vehicles in The Matrix. 
What if I told you that Fast & Furious gets way too much credit for having the coolest cars in films?
The most prominently featured car in the series, the 1965 Lincoln Continental is the go-to mode of transportation for protagonists Neo, Morpheus, and the rest of their party. 
It would make sense that they would drive a car like this when they are within the Matrix. In the universe of the films, the Matrix is a sort of cyber dream world, so why not drive a
dream car
Plus, the Lincoln Continental is just a cool car, plain and simple. It’s also a car that is frequently used in old gangster films. By 1999 when the original Matrix came out, viewers might have made the connection between the symbolism of the car and the group that was using it.

The 1975 Mercury Monarch

While the Lincoln Continental was the go-to car of the heroes in The Matrix, the 1975 Mercury Monarch was the villain's car. This luxury sedan was driven by the evil and mysterious Agent Smith, an artificial intelligence represented as a man in a black suit with sunglasses.
The Wachowskis who directed The Matrix love symbolism in their movies, so using an American classic like this as the villain's ride has to be significant.
From one luxury sedan from Ford to another, Agent Smith eventually switched cars to drive the 1986 Ford LTD Crown Victoria. In the digital world of the Matrix, Smith and other characters are able to access cool cars like this at the drop of a hat.
For the symbolism of this one, the Crown Victoria was frequently used as a police interceptor. While the version in The Matrix did not look like a police car, Smith was tracking down the protagonists in it.

Triumph Speed Triple

For the final entry on the list, it is time to give credit to a two-wheeled vehicle that also played a role in The Matrix. Classic cars were a major part of the series, but characters drove other vehicles as well. One of these was the Triumph Speed Triple, a motorcycle.
In The Matrix, the Triumph Speed Triple was ridden by the character Trinity. With the innovative action scenes in The Matrix, motorcycles gave the directors more tools to show off different stunts.
These are just a few of the vehicles that are featured in The Matrix. The classic cars like the Lincoln Continental stick out the most, but other vehicles were given less attention. For example, Agent Smith drives a White 9000 semi-truck at one point.
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