Comparing Honda SUV Models: Which is the Best of 2021?

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Carlos Kirby
Updated on Apr 27, 2022 · 3 min read
makes a lot of great cars, but it can get confusing having to compare and contrast all of Honda's great offerings. For example, despite
being a forgotten SUV
, the Honda Passport still wins awards, and that makes it a worthy SUV for families. Here's a look at all four SUV models in Honda's 2021 lineup, and which Honda SUV model may be the best one of them all.
Are you a fan of Honda’s SUV lines? Here are some of the best for 2021.

Honda SUV Models: 2021 Honda Passport

According to
Consumer Reports
, the Passport has the lowest overall score of all four Honda SUV models at just 64 out of 100. That said, it's equipped with a 3.5-liter V-6 engine that gets 280 horsepower, and this is one of its best features.
It accelerates very well, but unfortunately, its handling isn't as great. On top of that, while the Passport is spacious and provides a quiet ride, its ride quality is a letdown. 
Like most Hondas, the Passport also comes with a lot of standard smart safety features. However, unlike most Hondas, the Passport has a pretty low-reliability rating at just 2 out of 5. Overall, the Passport starts at about $33,000.

2021 Honda HR-V

In comparison, the HR-V has an overall score of 71 out of 100. It's a smaller and cheaper SUV than the Passport, and it has a different set of pros and cons. For example, it comes with a small and weak engine, but it starts at about $21,000.
Unfortunately, the HR-V's small, 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine isn't its only issue. Not only does it have a stiff and noisy ride, but it also doesn't come with that many standard safety features. That being said, it does have a very high-reliability rating at 5 out of 5.

2021 Honda Pilot

With an overall score of 72 out of 100, the Pilot is slightly better than the HR-V overall. This Honda prices at about $32,500, and this makes it a very comparable Honda SUV model to the Passport. Indeed, it even has the same V-6 engine as the Passport.
Unsurprisingly, its pros and cons are similar to the Passport's as well. For example, it accelerates well, but the car doesn't have great handling. It also comes with a large suite of standard smart safety features. That said, the Pilot's reliability rating of 3 out of 5 is slightly better than the Passport's.

Honda SUV Models: 2021 Honda CR-V

Lastly, with an overall score of 82 out of 100, the CR-V is significantly better than the other Honda SUV models. It starts at about $25,000, which makes it cheaper than the Pilot and the Passport, but more expensive than the HR-V.
However, the CR-V provides an excellent balance of all traits that folks are looking for. Not only is it a roomy and spacious SUV, but its engine options are powerful enough for the job. On top of that, it also comes with a lot of standard smart safety features. Thankfully, folks won't have to pay extra for them.
Furthermore, the CR-V scored a 4 out of 5 in terms of reliability. As such, when taken all together, it's easy to see why the CR-V is probably the best Honda SUV model of 2021.
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