Clever Car Hacks: Duct Tape Cup Holder

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Ru Chen
Updated on Apr 27, 2022 · 3 min read
Duct tape is an essential item to have. It’s always smart to keep duct tape in your car as if it were another
car accessory
. It’s got so many uses as an
emergency repair
tool. But with this car hack, your duct tape can even moonlight as a cup holder! 
People like to say that duct tape solves everything.

Car hack overshadows Chevrolet Suburban with custom features

A recent charity auction got overshadowed by a classic car hack involving duct tape. 
A big green 1981 Chevrolet Suburban was built by
to be auctioned. The Suburban was part of a project by automotive journalists Mike Musto and Elana Scherr. The team drove across the county, modifying the Suburban along the way.
The Suburban was upgraded with many custom features to make it a stronger vehicle. The truck received a new transmission and fuel injection system. 
With so many custom features added to the SUV, one would think that it would be the Suburban that would get attention. But no. 
It was a throwaway photo posted on Twitter that showed rolls of duct tape holding drinks inside that caught everyone’s attention. 

Life hack: keep a roll of duct tape with you

This car hack has been used by drivers everywhere, and if you find yourself lacking a cup holder, you can try it yourself. 
All you need is a tape with a big enough center that it can fit your bottle, coffee, or whatever drink you have. Duct tape is best because it is easy to find at truck stops and gas stations.
As always, duct tape saves the day (in this case, it saves your car seats from a costly spill). 
If you want a high-quality car hack, you can get gaffer tape from a hardware or camera store. Gaffers tape is less heat-sensitive, so it reduces the chance of leaving behind a sticky residue on your seat. 
But Duct tape isn’t just great as an impromptu cup holder. You can also use the reliable duct tape as a way to patch up any leaks or wind whistles you find while driving. 
If you do get duct tape’s sticky residue on your car’s exterior, don’t worry, it can be removed. If the residue is relatively fresh, you can remove it with either dish soap or a quick burst of WD-40 spray. Finish it off by wiping it carefully with a rag. 
If the residue has hardened though, be careful. You can try rubbing alcohol, but avoid other harsher solvents that might harm your car paint.

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