Car Thefts in Connecticut Increased Last Year and May Be Worse in 2021

Lisa Steuer McArdle
· 3 min read
The AAA said that there was a 42% increase in
stolen cars
in 2020.
The organization said this is an ongoing problem, and it’s trying to remind people to not leave keys in cars and to lock doors, according to
Hartford Courant
With an increase in stolen cars in Connecticut last year, it’s important to always lock your car.

Stolen car data in Connecticut

AAA used data from the National Insurance Crime Bureau, which said that more than 8,500 were stolen in 2020, mostly during the pandemic. This is a bit of an increase from 2019, when about 6,000 cars were stolen in Connecticut.
Unfortunately, things are not looking much better for this year. In West Hartford, CT, there were more car thefts in the first three months of this year than in the first quarter of 2020.
Last year, the average claim for a stolen vehicle was reportedly about $7,000, but some thefts are not covered by car insurance—only
comprehensive insurance
covers stolen cars and break-ins.
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Last year, the surge in car thefts was so significant that West Hartford police waged a social media campaign to inspire residents to increase security, according to
Hartford Courant
At the time, police reminded residents to lock their cars, as they said unlocked cars are the most common targets of break-ins in which the vehicle is left but cash or valuables are stolen.
But in West Hartford, police saw increases in crimes where thieves smashed the windows of locked cars—usually when something valuable was left in plain sight. Police urge citizens to not leave cell phones, laptops or any valuables in a car, especially not overnight.
Last year, the most frequently targeted cars for thefts and break-ins in West Hartford were Hondas, Nissans, Fords, and Acuras.

Other ways to prevent car theft

Making sure you lock your car and not leaving your keys in your car are the more obvious ways to protect you and your car against theft, but there are a few other things you can do.
The good news is that today, many cars are already equipped with car alarms, advanced security systems and remote locks that allow you to lock and unlock your car from your phone.
But if you want extra protection, you can also install anti-theft devices on your car manually. Some options include steering wheel and brake locks, car wheel clamps that prevent your tire from rotating, and a kill switch, which disables your car’s electrical system during an attempted theft.

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