Getting Car Insurance for a NASCAR Car Is Crazy Expensive

Aleena Juarez
· 3 min read
Everyone dreams of owning a NASCAR vehicle. Well, maybe not everyone, but it's definitely on a lot of race car enthusiasts’ bucket lists. Sadly, the price tag for these cars would be outrageous.
Even if it were possible, how much would it cost for
car insurance
on this kind of car? How would the insurance agent even
determine how much
to charge you?
Alliance Insurance Services
found the answer.
A race car is speedy and dangerous which makes it expensive to insure | Twenty20

How much would it cost to own a NASCAR car?

Alliance Insurance Services wanted to know how much it would cost to build and own a race car. They found that it takes experts more than 100 hours to build the engines alone, and this can cost anywhere from $45,000 to $80,000. That’s a high cost, and you won’t even be able to drive it outside of a race track.
If you have no experience building a race car, it'll take even longer. You’ll need to make sure you’re building a safe car, and the body of a race car has to be as light as possible. It’s costly to build, and it can be dangerous if you’re not sure how to make sure your design is safe.
You might want to buy a race car instead. A used stock car that's seen its share of laps and burned tires can be purchased for around $500. This might be a good investment if you're looking for a car to fix up. If you want a brand new stock car, it’ll cost at least $100,000.
Alliance says $150,000 is a fair estimate of the value for one of these cars. With a price tag like that, it's clear that damage protection for your race car isn’t going to be cheap.
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How much does it cost to insure a race car?

You’ll definitely need at least
comprehensive coverage
collision coverage
to protect against any physical damage for your race car. If you’re driving a race car that can go 200 mph,
liability insurance
is going to be extremely expensive. Since the car is meant to drive at high speeds, you’ll be at a bigger risk of accidents.
Alliance Insurance Services called National General Insurance to get a better understanding of what the coverage costs would be. For full coverage, it would cost $9,000 a year to insure a NASCAR car. A stock car is designed for speed, and the faster it is, the more risky it is for you and other drivers on the road.

How to save money on car insurance

Given the fact that it's a NASCAR vehicle, it's not that big of a surprise how expensive it is to insure. The joys of driving it might not be worth the hefty insurance costs. $9,000 might not sound as bad as it could be, but you’d be looking at about $750 a month.
If you can afford a $150,000 vehicle, it's probably affordable enough. But the
average cost of full coverage
annually is only about $1,133. You can’t drive a NASCAR legally, but you can still save money on car insurance for your other vehicles using
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