Canoo's New 2023 Vehicles Are Paradoxical

Carlos Kirby
· 4 min read
As the
quest for greener cars
gains traction and demand increases, more automakers are rushing to fill the void. As established companies like BMW, Nissan, and Chevrolet transition to electric, startups are also joining the fray. Canoo is among the latest entrants in the commercial
electric vehicles
(EVs) realm, and its upcoming "lifestyle vehicles" are giving these big automakers a run for their money.
Canoo is a budding American EV maker founded in 2017. The automaker is releasing a minivan in 2022, but you’ll want to keep an eye out for its 2023 vehicles, the Canoo Van and Canoo Pickup.
According to
, these vehicles' mechanicals will match a line of commercial vans employing a more angular, interior-space-optimizing design. The retail van and pickup are poised to spearhead a subscription ownership model as the commercial delivery van sales keep the company up and running.
Canoo’s 2023 lineup of trucks and vans are futuristic and high-performing.

How is Canoo redefining the future of electric vehicles?

The LA-based EV manufacturer is a game changer. Beyond its business model that follows the conventional venture capitalist-led approach, it will offer a line of vehicles that are sure to entice car enthusiasts worldwide.
Canoo’s electric pickup and van feature a paradoxical pairing between 1960s car styling and modern vehicle engineering. But, the manufacturer promises the vehicles will come with breakthrough electric powertrain performance.
One impressive aspect of the EVs is that they offer a 360-degree panoramic shape. The vehicles have a windshield that extends upward where it meets the roof and sideways all the way to the back. This glass exterior allows you to view the outdoors freely without needing to step out of the vehicle.
According to MotorTrend, the van and the pickup boast stylistic similarities. The vehicles come with aerodynamic sculpting that emphasizes fluidity. The pickup truck has a shape that’s fresh and exciting. Its bed comes with a center-split barn-door tailgate and a 2-feet bed extender.
The inner panels of the tailgate allow swiveling to contain the bed load once extended. It also comes with a space divider to keep your items separate and secure. The bed also has attachment points to allow the installation of wheel chocks for quads or bikes.
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Canoo Pickup and Canoo Van specs

In terms of power, the vehicles offer a single rear motor or front and rear motors that produce up to 600 horsepower and 550 lb-ft of torque combined. Canoo says an 80-kWh battery will deliver 250 miles on the van and 200 miles for the AWD truck. To top it off, the automaker claims that the battery can charge from zero to 80% on a DC fast charger in 28 minutes.
The pickup has a payload of 1800 pounds, but the company hasn’t announced the towing capacity. Other features expected to follow are different battery-pack sizes, commercial van wheelbases, and motor combinations.

The interior and tech features of these models are unmatched

Canoo's vehicle styling evokes memories of 1960s roadsters, but the vehicles will come with a futuristic touch. First off, they share interior design features from the brand’s commercial vans which maximizes cargo and passenger space.
With no combustion engine, the van has a tall seating area and can seat up to seven people. Its loft-inspired design features recycled materials and allows a high degree of customization.
The truck pairs a 2+2 seating cab with a 6-foot cargo bed. The overall length of the truck measures at 21 feet. Although this space is shorter than conventional compact pickups, it’s about the same length as a Toyota Tundra.
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