Can You Guess the State That Drives the Most Luxury Cars?

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You’ve rented a car and you’re going for a drive with a friend up a famous coastal highway. Along the way, you encounter breathtaking ocean views, mild weather, and an iconic bridge. Even better, you’re driving a high-performance car with advanced safety features and an incredible sound system. Where is this wonderful vacation?
Of course, it’s California. Your rental joins a crowd of luxury cars, bought and enjoyed by Californians.
Here are some of the reasons this state has so many luxury cars.
A Black luxury sedan driving quickly on a road
It’s pretty obvious which state has the most luxury cars on the road.

California drives the most luxury cars

According to an iSeeCars study, the Golden State has the most luxury cars in the U.S. The study analyzed over 8.3 million luxury cars sold in 2021 and shows that California has the biggest share of luxury cars at 28.2%.
New Jersey took second place at 26.8%, followed by Florida, at 25.3%. Wyoming has the lowest share, at 7.5%. Luxury cars account for 19.9% of all vehicle sales in the U.S., indicating that nearly a fifth of Americans value a higher quality driving experience.

A not-so-surprising result

It’s not surprising that California would take the top spot, and Wyoming the bottom, given that these are the most and least populous states in the U.S., respectively. However, there are cultural factors at play in the luxury car market as well.
Californians have a myriad of reasons to select luxury cars. Commute time is a huge consideration for drivers. According to Business Insider, in a list of the top fifty worst commute times by state, California cities and regions occupy ten of the top spots. Golden State commuters likely want to spend their lengthy in-car time enjoying a more plush environment.
California also has a rich history of car culture, particularly in Los Angeles, as discussed in Smithsonian Magazine. Iconic Mexican-American lowriders have cruised the streets since the 1940s, and you’ll likely find Aston Martins and Bentleys abound in Brentwood and Beverly Hills. Angelenos are famously car-obsessed and always stuck in traffic.
And let’s not forget Silicon Valley, where the beautiful wooded roads of Menlo Park and Palo Alto play host to brave cyclists and an endless stream of Teslas. Techies commute from SF to the South Bay in style.

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