Can You Find a Good Pickup Truck for Under $5,000?

Andrew Koole
· 3 min read
Pickup trucks
are hard to beat for utility and convenience nowadays. While past models were only designed for hauling or rough terrain, today’s trucks have maintained the abilities of past generations while adopting the same spacious cabs, high-tech infotainment systems, and the fluid driving experiences of cars and SUVs.
But one thing that is a constant drawback is the price for one. While many new cars and SUVs start under $20,000, the
cheapest new truck
on the market this year, the
Ford Maverick
, has a base price of just over $21,000, and prices quickly escalate past the $30,000 mark.
Even used trucks can be expensive because of how slow they depreciate in value. Finding a decent pickup under $5,000 can feel like an impossible task, but these are five models
says are some of your best bets.
It is possible to find a used truck for under $5,000 if you look long enough.

2007 Chevrolet Colorado

For the last decade, truly compact pickups like the Chevy Colorado have been hard to come by. Most of them, including the Colorado, grew into midsize trucks as the years went on. While the segment has recently made a comeback, the 2007 model’s exterior looks newer than it is and handles well for an older truck.
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2006 Dodge Dakota

The 2006 version of Dodge’s midsize truck has a spacious if cheap-looking interior. But what it lacks in finesse, the Dakota gains in power. With its available V8 engine, the truck can tow up to 8,500 lbs—not bad for a truck this size.

2004 Ford F-150

No list of dependable pickups would be complete without an F-150, and Autotrader’s choice for trucks under $5,000 is the 2004 model, thanks to the improved suspension system.
says the tow rate of this truck is the best in its class from this year at 9,500 lbs. It also came in a wide variety of trims and configurations.

2004 Nissan Titan

Nissan came out swinging with the first-year model of this full-size pickup. The Titan came standard with a crew cab and a V8 engine. Its interior upgrades, like Bluetooth connection and a DVD player, were also ahead of the curve, and its tow rate measured only 100 lbs under the F-150.

2001 Toyota Tacoma

Well known for holding its value, the Toyota Tacoma is a hard truck to find, especially at this price point. The Tacoma has always been a durable option with great 4x4 options, and Toyota gave it a nice facelift in 2001.

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Finding a used truck with an affordable price tag is difficult enough, but it’s only the first of many costs to factor in when buying a pickup. It’s important to consider the truck’s gas mileage, the vehicle’s maintenance history, and the type of car insurance you’ll need.
Insuring a truck tends to be more expensive than getting a policy for a car or SUV. On top of that, if you plan to use the truck for work or to tow any type of trailer, you’ll also need to buy specific coverage.
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