You Can Start the Genesis GV60 With Your Face and Fingerprints

Serena Aburahma
· 4 min read
"Leave your keys at home."
This is the dream of the Genesis GV60. This Hyundai near release aims to go above and beyond in wireless key
, providing both unsurpassed personalized convenience and keyless vehicle security.
Hyundai announced that the Genesis GV60 will be able to recognize its driver's face and confirm their identity through a quick fingerprint scan.
This will be Genesis' very first rollout of
another futuristic car technology
, the "Biometric Face Connect," and the "Fingerprint Authentication System."
We all appreciated the value of 'keyless ignition' and then remote car starting during the fob generation, biometrics may be the new wireless key.
High-tech thriller fans and smart-device enthusiasts are waiting eagerly for this update, but the biometric driver features stand to make life easier for absolutely everyone.
Imagine not having to look for your keys every morning.

Driving with Biometrics Alone

Imagine leaving your keys on the counter when you go for a drive. You slip into the driver's seat and the camera politely scans your face. Your car recognizes you as its driver.
As you sit there, it adapts the steering wheel and seat to your personal settings, if they were changed since you last drove. To start the car, you scan your thumb on the dash, and your vehicle hums to life. You're ready to go.
This is exactly the experience that the Genesis GV60 will be offering at its release in 2022. A car that doesn't need keys, at least for the registered owners.
Biometric technology makes it possible to fully authenticate you as the car's owner or legal driver without a key while reducing the opportunity for thieves to steal the key and car.
You can leave your key at home for lending or maintenance purposes, but do your traveling with a car that will drive for only you.
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Creating biometric profiles for two drivers per Genesis GV60

Genesis GV60s use a Near-Infrared Camera (NIC),
reports, to scan your face with high precision and invisible light, then confirms your identity with a fingerprint scan.
Each GV60 will register two driver profiles, in which it will remember a face, fingerprint, seat settings, and steering wheel height. We can only hope that mirror adjustment is also in the cards.
Biometrics are programmed into the device when you start to use them, just the way your cellphone knows your face and fingerprint. The biometric authentication is the same, and your car will learn your biometrics in a similar way.
You will likely have each registered driver sit in the driver's seat and go through the procedure to have your face read and scan your fingers a few dozen times to read the digital prints.
Then swap out with your spouse, partner, best friend, or emergency contact as your second registered driver. Savvy dealerships will probably walk you through the first driver registry before you drive off the lot.

Does the Genesis GV60 still use a key?

From how they're talking about it, the Genesis team does plan to include a key fob in the plan. Wireless keys will make it possible for service and maintenance driving, lending the car, and potential errors in the recognition system.
Genesis GV60 is leading the pack and if they succeed, we expect to see a surge of future biometrics in future vehicles. The technology is already out and becoming more common, we could have face-recognizing cars just one or two years out from this groundbreaking release.
We look forward to seeing the real-world performance and uses for the Face Connect and Fingerprint Authentication System in action after the Genesis GV60s are released in 2022.
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