The Bugatti Baby II Is the Ultimate Indulgence

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Nearly a century following the production of the original “Bugatti Baby” luxury car for kids, the new Bugatti Baby II debuted in 2019.
Walking a fine line between Bugatti's iconic legacy and the latest technology, this modern take on the Ettore Bugatti classic is just as exclusive as the original, with a limited release of just 500 vehicles.
Young car enthusiasts and Bugatti fans alike can enjoy a state-of-the-art driving experience while indulging in the nostalgic flair of the classic Bugatti.
A black-on-silver Bugatti emblem
The Bugatti Baby II joins the brand’s long tradition of luxurious automotive excellence.

The automaker celebrated its 110th anniversary with the Bugatti Baby II

The new release of the tiniest Bugatti was timed for the brand's 110th anniversary according to the Bugatti Baby website.
Designed as a tribute to Ettore Bugatti’s original created in 1926 for one of his son’s birthdays, the Baby II has the classic look and feel you'd expect.
According to Bugatti, the Baby II is scaled to three-quarters the size of the Bugatti Type 35 (whereas Bugatti Baby notes that the original was a half-scale model).
The larger design allows multiple generations to share and enjoy their love of this classic, timeless car, although adults might have to squeeze in as one Car and Driver test driver did.
The Bugatti Baby II debuted at a 2019 auto show in Geneva, Switzerland and a positive reception meant that the Little Car Company (whom Bugatti collaborated with) could begin limited production.
The junior cars were built by hand in the U.K. and sold quickly, though cancellations due to the COVID-19 pandemic made some available again in 2020.

The Bugatti Baby II delivers electric performance and plenty of pep

According to Bugatti, the Baby II offers an electric powertrain with a rear-wheel-drive configuration. It uses both removable lithium-ion battery packs and regenerative braking to power up.
Bugatti Baby breaks down the options and drive modes available. There are three different models: the base, the Vitesse, and the Pur Sang.
The base model comes with a 1.4kWh battery pack and a standard powertrain, while the Vitesse and Pur Sang each offer a long-range 2.8 kWh battery and accompanying high-performance powertrain.
All three models have Novice and Expert modes, with top speeds reaching 20 kph (12 mph) and 45 kph (28 mph), respectively.
The Vitesse and Pur Sang pack a little more power (60% more, to be precise) than the base model, with an exclusive Speed Key upgrade. Car and Driver noted that this enables speeds of up to 43 mph.
Bugatti Baby lists starting price points in euros, ranging from €30,000 for the base trim to €43,500 for the Vitesse, and €58,500 for the top-of-the-line Pur Sang.
These figures equate to roughly $35,000, $50,000, and $68,000 in U.S. dollars today—more than many passenger vehicles on the market.

Nostalgic details and luxurious customizations

The pricing is certainly jaw-dropping, but you get plenty of classic Bugatti styling for your money.
The base model features strong, abrasion-resistant composite bodywork, while the Vitesse is made of carbon fiber twill that is both lighter weight and stronger. As you might expect, the Pur Sang is the pinnacle of luxury, with traditionally hand-formed aluminum bodywork.
On the top-tier models, there is a sumptuous array of colors for the bodywork and open-cockpit seat, ranging from vintage shades like Williams Green to contemporary hues such as Italian Red.
Costs range from €800-€1,200 for the bodywork and €600 for the seat. The base model limits these options to the standard French Racing Blue with a black seat, but the look of these shades is by no means boring.
A premium leather called Bridge of Weir is available for the seat on all Baby II models for an extra €600.
Car and Driver noted that the inside of the car is beautifully equipped. It features a detachable Nardi steering wheel that's wood-rimmed and a milled metal dashboard, complete with a clock, power-flow gauge, and a meter displaying battery charge.
All together, the car’s precise detailing and nostalgic feel make it an artisan treasure that provides a true luxury experience for all ages.
Looking at the Bugatti Baby website, it appears that there is currently a waiting list for the Baby II, though you can play around with the customizations online to build your dream version of the junior car.
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