This Brand Makes up Majority of Cars on List of Vehicles That Can Run 200,000 Miles or More

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Owning a car that can make it to 200,000 miles is a goal for drivers everywhere. Buying a new car can be a costly and intimidating process, so having one reliable vehicle for years is appealing to car owners. Some cars are more likely to last longer than others.
Using iSeeCars data from 2019, Forbes ranked 15 vehicles that can hit the coveted 200,000-mile mark, and many of the cars on the list can go beyond that. Some of the names on the list come as no surprise, but the list also includes cars that you might not think would be long-lasting.
Closeup of steering wheel inside a car
Toyota is known to be a long-lasting and reliable brand

Toyota dominates the rankings

You might have already expected that a list about long-term reliability would be full of Toyotas. Their cars have been consistently acclaimed for lasting a long time and driving smoothly. Even though Toyota vehicles are known to be reliable, it’s still noteworthy to see that seven Toyota models made the list.
One popular model on the list is the durable Toyota Tacoma. Toyota's signature midsize pickup truck is known for its comfortable ride and impressive off-road capabilities. It turns out that it’s also common for a Tacoma to reach 200,000 miles or more.
The Toyota 4Runner compact SUV also made the list. The 4Runner is known to last even longer than the 200,000-mile benchmark; many 4Runners have reached 300,000 miles. The Toyota Avalon, Tundra, and Sequoia were also part of the list.

The top spot goes to the Toyota Land Cruiser

Not only does Toyota make up almost half the list, the brand also claimed the number one spot with the iconic Land Cruiser. This full-size SUV has been a signature Toyota vehicle since 1951. Land Cruisers have been highly acclaimed for their comfortable seating, safety, powerful engines, and overall luxurious feel.
According to the Forbes list, the Toyota Land Cruiser isn't only a luxury SUV; it's a luxury SUV that lasts. Of the used Land Cruisers on the market, 15.7% of them passed 200,000 miles. The Land Cruiser’s longevity beats out a lot of other vehicles.

A long-lasting hybrid made the list too

Another Toyota vehicle to earn a spot on the list is the Highlander Hybrid. This stylish, modern crossover SUV may come as a surprising pick, but it’s well-deserved. More than 4% of used Toyota Highlander Hybrids on the market have lasted over 200,000 miles.
It’s rare to see a hybrid consistently driving more than 200,000 miles. While hybrids and fully electric vehicles (EVs) have plenty of benefits, many consumers doubt that electric models are as long-lasting as traditional gas-powered cars.
One important thing to note about long-term reliability for EVs is that there may simply not be enough information available yet. Most of these vehicles are relatively new, and it will take time to test their longevity. As EVs evolve and improve, they may be able to stay on the road longer.
The list of cars that can consistently reach 200,000 miles range from pickup trucks to hybrid SUVs and sedans. The 15 cars listed may include models that most commonly hit the milestone, but with proper care other cars can make it there as well.
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