Boston Dynamics’ Robot Dog Will Help Keep Hyundai’s Plant Safe

Hannah DeWitt
· 3 min read
Hyundai is a leader in car manufacturing and at the forefront of technological innovation. They are currently working to expand the capabilities of
hydrogen fuel cell technology
and use it to power
autonomous vehicles
It’s not easy to organize all of the brand’s operations, and Hyundai has turned to Boston Dynamics to help keep everything running smoothly. The automaker
acquired Boston Dynamics
earlier this year and was looking to enlist the help of worker robots for car manufacturing.
According to
, Hyundai is currently testing out the well-known robot dog, Spot, to make their manufacturing plants safer and more secure.
Spot the robot dog can carry objects, collect data, and detect possible hazards.

Who is Spot?

Spot was created by Boston Dynamics in 2016. The robotic dog was designed to perform physical tasks, like opening doors and climbing stairs, as well as analytical tasks, such as data collection and observation.
Spot has a high amount of dexterity. It uses sensors to collect 2D and 3D information to analyze its surroundings. This allows Spot to maneuver across gravel and other rough surfaces, and stabilize itself after physical disturbances. It also has the ability to carry over 30 pounds to help move things around.
Despite an impressive amount of AI tech, Spot is not fully autonomous, but it can be controlled remotely. Spot has its own Wi-Fi, making it easy to stay in contact.
The robot has the most autonomy once it’s been given a task; it can function on its own until the task is complete or it needs assistance.
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How will Spot help Hyundai?

Hyundai would use Spot mainly for inspection and data collection purposes. On the safety side of things, Spot could be extremely helpful in protecting workers. The robot can detect possible fire hazards using its thermal camera and lidar sensor. It would be able to trigger alarms to notify workers of dangerous conditions.
Spot could also run quick automated errands, finding its way through doorways and up staircases to get where it needs to go. It can help deliver packages to offices or tools to different areas of the warehouse or even do inspection loops during shifts to make sure everything is in order.
The data collection features are something Hyundai might look to use for security measures. The robot cameras could record the night patrols when they accompany security guards, inspect the plant, and gather safety data, though they wouldn’t be able to do much else.

Will Spot be used in every Hyundai plant worldwide?

For now, the security robots are being used on a trial basis. This is only a pilot program, created to see if it would be a good idea to employ more Spot-based robots on a widespread level. If all goes well, they could be helping out in Hyundai manufacturing plants across the world.
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