BMW's New Electric...Motorcycle?

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Jane Lu
Updated on Apr 27, 2022 · 3 min read
Electric vehicles
(EVs) seem to be gaining popularity day by day around the world. Although electric
have not yet gained traction, BMW is already bracing itself for massive production of electric bikes in the near future. 
BMW has released a lot of different electric motorcycle and scooter concepts, but one of their latest has the best chance of making it on the streets, as reported by
The brand recently introduced the Concept CE 02.
BMW is bringing a new electric concept that resembles a motorcycle, but isn’t quite one.

Is BMW's new vehicle a motorcycle?

The BMW Concept CE 02 isn't a motorcycle, but it's not a scooter either.
said that it carries aspects of both and is more like a “skateboard on two wheels.” This concept targets a younger audience.
Buyers can add tapes, stickers, and other personalization to customize their vehicle. The design is versatile to suit the rider's needs and wants. If the rider is looking for a motorcycle experience, the continuous and flush seat offers the needed flexibility for riders to lean forward and use the footrests. 
The Concept CE 02 has sufficient space for a passenger, and riders can also attach skateboards using built-in fasteners for an extra footrest. 

BMW Concept CE 02 features

This electric bike falls between an electric motorcycle and an electric scooter. However, this isn’t an ordinary urban bike, since it's fast enough to handle anything an urban rider throws at it. The Concept CE 02 is powered by an 11-kW belt-drive motor, which allows the bike to attain a top speed of about 56 mph. This speed is more than enough for most
city rides
Although BMW doesn't share the battery capacity of the CE 02, the company claims that the bike can go for up to 56 miles on a single charge. The bike lacks pedals, but it's equipped with footrests. 
It also has a small display placed between the handlebars that provide basic information like battery status and speed, while a LED headlight lights your way at night. The vehicle is equipped with attractive graphics, disc wheels, and a chunky frame. 

Why are electric motorcycles rare? 

Although electric bikes have proven to be a more eco-friendly and faster alternative for many commuters, they’re still rare in the growing EV market for several reasons.
Electric motorcycles, scooters, and bikes are designed to get us to where we want to go without polluting the environment or wasting energy. However, some of these EVs have not met the safety requirements and speed limitations required on the roads. 
Motorcyclists are at a higher risk of fatal crashes than car drivers, and cars are typically safer and more comfortable. 

The future of electric motorcycles

Electric motorcycles will never be as safe as cars because of their exposed nature. But they still have many fans who enjoy the thrill of the ride. 
For motorcyclists looking for a greener alternative, an electric motorcycle can be a great option. They can help unclog streets and reduce emissions. 
Over the last few years, the EV market has been flooded with new technologies and innovations. With BMW making its way into the market with its new concepts, the future of electric motorcycles is bright.  
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