BMW Partners With Marvel Studios and Shows off Two Models in 'Black Widow'

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Andrew Koole
Updated on Jun 27, 2022 · 3 min read
Marvel fans may have noticed some
new cars
in Black Widow when Disney released the film in theaters and on Disney+ at the beginning of July.
The comic-book brand turned media giant partnered with
to include the X3 and 2 Series Gran Coupé in the movie starring Scarlett Johannson.
Movie lovers
have more to get excited about, as BMW’s collaboration with Marvel Studios is set to continue, according to a press release posted on the German automaker’s website.
The BMW X3 will be featured in Black Widow.

What we know about the BMWs in ‘Black Widow’

BMW isn’t new to the film industry, but the two vehicles they decided to show off in Black Widow are interesting choices. Rather than highlight something super sporty like an 8 Series or a Z4, they chose two of BMW’s most modest models.
The 2 Series Gran Coupé is BMW’s most affordable car, starting at $36,700. That doesn’t exactly put it in the same category as a Toyota, but for a German-made luxury sedan, you could do a lot worse. And BMW didn’t bring costs down by gutting the Coupé of the features people expect from the automaker, either. Its interior matches other models and its engine still has a lot of pep for its price range.
The X3 SUV is exactly the vehicle you’ve seen well-off families use to pick up kids from school and soccer matches. Stunt directors for Black Widow made a few key adjustments so it could perform in scenes like the Budapest car chase. But even without modifications, this SUV packs a big punch—especially the M40i trim's 382-hp six-cylinder engine.
BMWs star in some of the most popular action film franchises in history. From James Bond to Mission Impossible, movie-goers are used to seeing their favorite action heroes behind the wheel of these German-made automobiles.
Some of BMW’s most eye-catching cars, like the Z8 in The World is Not Enough and the i8 Concept in Ghost Protocol, look like they were made for the movies.
But many of the brand’s collaborations over the years included models that look like the ones featured in Black Widow. That said, even though the BMWs seen in films like Transporter and Ronin have the modest yet stylish exterior of the brand’s sedan designs, all of them held higher-end engines.
The decision to go with accessible models for Black Widow fits in well with BMW’s current direction. The company continues to expand its line of SUVs and other vehicles designed with families in mind.
Putting these models in the public eye might help consumers see BMWs as more than high-tech getaway cars.

The cost of owning a 2 Series Gran Coupé or X3

If you’re thinking of buying a Gran Coupé or an X3, chances are you don’t expect to race through the streets of Budapest in it. You probably want the luxury and performance BMWs are known for but at a reasonable price.
The combination of luxury and practicality in these two models makes nailing down their overall cost of ownership a little difficult. Both vehicles maintain their value better than the average sedan or SUV, but when it comes to
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