Best Smelling Car Air Fresheners (Plus Options for Headache Sufferers)

Serena Aburahma
· 4 min read
There are plenty of fun
affordable auto accessories
on the market, from
tailgating essentials
to powerful performance enhancers.
Air fresheners are also another underrated yet popular
car accessory
that can make you feel like you’re escaping into nature or simply replicating that fresh, new-car smell. However, not all car air fresheners have a wide enough range or lasting longevity.
Some scents are also particularly abrasive to those with allergies or regular headaches. With so many car air fresheners on the market, how do you know which one is the best? Here are some of the top-rated fragrances according to
Car and Driver
Essential oils on a white counter surrounded by lavender
With so many different scent options, where do you start?

Anzazo Car Essential Oil Diffuser

Some drivers prefer the notes of specific essential oils to the generic car air fresheners from big-name brands.
For certain people, essential oils also boost their moods and relieve minor afflictions like stomach pains or headaches. Drivers can add their favorite oils to this mini diffuser that magnetically attaches to the car vents.
The pad inside doesn't need to be cleaned, and the clip is made from durable stainless steel. One diffuser costs almost $30, and you'll have to spend extra on the oil of your choice. Even so, customers love its design and say it does the job well.
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Does Drive Natural Air Freshener work for headaches?

Though essential oils relieve the ailments of some drivers, they can potentially irritate more sensitive noses. The Drive Natural Air Freshener by
Moso Natural
is a fabric sack filled with active charcoal. You can attach it anywhere in your vehicle to enjoy its odor-sucking effects.
Unlike other car air fresheners, it leaves a nice neutral scent behind instead of a fragrance. With regular solar recharging, it can reportedly last up to two years.

Blue Magic Pure Citrus Orange car air freshener

This is one of the priciest options at almost $40 dollars for a six-pack of 4-oz cans.
While Car and Driver editors didn't test the product for themselves, reviews are overwhelmingly positive on Amazon. Satisfied customers say that the fragrance smells nice and even appeals to people who are sensitive to scents.
Blue Magic Citrus Air is composed of all-natural ingredients with no aerosol whatsoever. It covers up any persistent odors and one spray can last for a long time. This product is so effective that people also use it for bathroom cleaning.

Febreze Car Vent Air Freshener

Febreze has been a trusted household name for years with its cleaning and disinfecting products.
Four of the company's most popular scents are available inside these car air fresheners that conveniently attach to the air vents. You can manually adjust how much scent you want inside the cabin as long as the air is running.
A four-pack is only $18.50 on Amazon, but you can pick it up at several local retail stores as well. Each pod can last up to three weeks, depending on the heaviness of the scent flow.
Customers say it does a good job at eliminating odors without leaving an overpowering fragrance.

Turtle Wax Odor-X Whole Car Blast air freshener

This one acts more like a bug bomb than a traditional air freshener. You must exit your vehicle for 15 minutes and leave the AC on full power to disperse the can's contents.
One treatment reportedly destroys odors at a molecular level for at least a month.
It costs almost $40 for two cans and most customers are satisfied with the product's performance. However, some reviews say the scent is too overpowering. The stuff inside the can also stain some parts of the interior and any items in its path.
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