The Best American Pickup Trucks for 2021 Aren't Made by Ford or Chevy

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Jane Lu
Updated on Jun 27, 2022 · 3 min read
Pickup trucks
have always been popular with consumers, and automakers have capitalized on the demand for trucks.
Whether people just want the rugged looks of a truck or need the towing capability for projects and excursions, pickup trucks have always been a staple for
American consumers
Manufacturers that don't traditionally sell trucks, like
, have introduced trucks into their lineup. Tesla even unveiled an electric truck. When the conversation is about trucks, though, the Big Three usually come to mind: Ford, Chevrolet, and Dodge.
Consumer Reports
(CR) put together a list of the best American vehicles, and the top picks for the midsize and full-size truck categories might surprise you.
The Ram 1500 beat out a lot of its competitors.

Consumer Reports’ picks for best trucks

Consumer Reports named their best overall picks for both midsize and full-size truck categories. CR considers consumer satisfaction, reliability, road tests, and safety to get the overall rating for a vehicle.
Jeep Gladiator
claimed the top spot for midsize pickup trucks. The Gladiator was introduced in 2020 and is Jeep's entry into the truck market. It’s a competitive small truck with the off-road capabilities of other Jeeps. The Gladiator has a unique look and decent towing capacity.
The midsize truck claimed a five out of five for predicted reliability. It also scored a five for predicted owner satisfaction.
For full-size trucks, the
Ram 1500
took the lead. The Ram doesn't have a great predicted reliability rating, but it does have good predicted owner satisfaction and solid road test performance.
CR emphasized the Ram's agility, saying that it was easy to drive and manage, especially for a truck of its size. In CR’s road tests, the Ram scored an 83, which is an impressive score for a large truck.

The Gladiator and Ram 1500 beat out both Ford and GM

Consumer Reports’ picks for best midsize and full-size trucks are surprising for more than one reason.
Jeep is a newcomer to the truck market, and not known for its towing capability. The Wrangler's towing capacity isn't much compared to other SUVs of similar size. With the Gladiator taking the top spot for 2021, the Chevrolet Colorado and Ford Ranger have some tough competition. Both consistently place high in consumer satisfaction and sales.
In the full-size market, the Ram 1500 might also be a surprising pick for the best full-size pickup. For years, the Ford F-Series has been a consistent leader of truck sales in the U.S. Ram usually trails behind both Ford and Chevrolet in sales. But this year, Ram sold the second-most number of pickups, according to

Stiff competition in the truck market

Ford can’t rest on its laurels. As the consistently best-selling truck for decades, Ford will have to keep working to produce vehicles that out-perform its rivals to remain in the top spot.
General Motors, the parent company of Chevrolet and GMC, will have to do the same. Consumers will be looking for trucks that are reliable, powerful, and comfortable. As the competition between the automakers heats up, they'll be forced to innovate.
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