Australian Man Goes To Extreme Lengths To Protect His Car From Hail

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Andrew Koole
Updated on Apr 27, 2022 · 3 min read
is notorious for how quickly it can destroy cars. It’s especially disastrous for rare
classic cars
and their collectors.
It’s this potential catastrophe that led Jake Donaldson to take some desperate measures to protect his car from a storm that hit Sydney, Australia in October. A TikTok video shows him sacrificing his own body to avoid having his Toyota Mark IV Supra damaged. 
reports that his attempts were successful, but the anxiety Donaldson expresses in the clip illustrates the devastation hail can cause and the lengths some car enthusiasts will go to keep their vehicles safe.
Hail can cause damage to your car in a matter of seconds.

The effect of hail damage on a car’s value

The dents left on your car’s exterior after a hailstorm can be devastating to its resale value.
Merton Autobody
in Sussex, Wisconsin says the damage, if left unrepaired, can cut a car’s value by one-third. 
Fixing the dents can be expensive, too. Depending on their size, each spot can cost between $30 and $100 to repair. Especially for older, less-valuable cars, the cost of the work could end up exceeding the value of the car. 
But you don’t have to be left in the lurch.
Comprehensive coverage
will take care of these types of repair costs. Depending on the situation, it might make sense to make a claim to save you from having to choose between paying out of pocket and losing money when you resell.

What’s so special about a Toyota Mark IV Supra?

Depending on your age, the following statement might make you feel old, but cars from the ‘90s
are classics now
. Besides the traditional 25-year cut-off date, interest in the era’s models is increasing—Toyota Supras included.
TheDrive made note of this in its coverage of Donaldson’s act of self-sacrifice, referencing the sale of a 1995 Mark IV Supra that sold for a jaw-dropping $126,000 on BringATrailer in 2020. A year before, one from 1994 with only 11,000 miles went for $173,000.
That’s a massive jump from what the car was worth out of the gate. In 1994, you could get your hands on a Mark IV Supra for $36,000. Even after factoring in inflation, the car’s auction prices are still over $100,000 more than its original value.

Owning a classic car

People own classic cars for a variety of reasons. Some like the job of repairing, restoring, or
an old car. The more wealthy enthusiasts treat them as investments, buying desirable models in good condition and then selling them when their values increase.
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