Will the Apple Car Be Fully Autonomous?

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Ru Chen
Updated on Jun 27, 2022 · 3 min read
has been working on a car since 2014, but the car might as well have been aiming for invisibility since no car has been launched.
We know now, though, that Apple is testing self-driving software. It seems like a
fully autonomous
Apple Car is just on the horizon.
Apple has been working on a car for years now.

The many struggles of the Apple Car

reported on Apple’s long history of trying to make a car.
It all began with Project Titan. Around 1000 car experts and engineers worked at a secret location near Apple headquarters to develop the perfect Apple electric vehicle (EV).
The next few years were rife with internal conflicts, leadership issues, and other problems. In 2016, rumors spread that Apple had completely shelved their plans for a car.
Now, it seems that Apple has finally overcome their problems and that dreams of an Apple Car will indeed be realized.
In December 2020, Apple confirmed that they’re still working on a car, and the first launch is expected in three to six years. They're developing a consumer-facing autonomous vehicle.
The Apple Car team is stacked with talent and experience.
After multiple leadership changes and hundreds of layoffs, Project Titan is now under the lead of John Giannandrea, Apple’s AI and machine learning chief.
Kevin Lynch, who’s led the development for the Apple Watch, has also joined Apple’s car team.
However, in 2021, Apple lost several top managers for the car team. That suggests the release date will likely be closer to six years than three.

What we now know about the Apple Car

Autonomous vehicles are a big talk in the car world. Some believe it’s going to be the future of ride-sharing services. Others are concerned with the safety of self-driving cars.
What does an Apple-branded EV mean?
By creating a car, Apple will certainly be making it a grand part of the Apple ecosystem.
Known for their innovative practices and focus on the Apple brand, the company is developing "next-level" battery tech. The Apple Car aims to have a radically extended range.
By using a "monocell" battery design, the team hopes to bulk up individual battery cells and make them much more efficient.
Apple is working with a manufacturing partner to produce the vehicles. So far, we know that Apple has held discussions with Hyundai and other manufacturers.
It appears that many manufacturers are hesitant to strike a deal with Apple because of the implications of such a big partnership with Apple. Convenience is important to the creators of the Apple Car.
The team is aiming to create a self-driving car that lets a user input their destination and be driven there without much engagement, so the whole process is fast and easy.
Knowing the company, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes the Apple Car will be the next big thing for Apple. The car will probably be marketed as a very high-end, even luxury model of EV.

Will seeing the Apple Car be like seeing the first iPhone?

Fans are certainly hopeful and excited about the prospect, but it won’t be another few years before we see more solid evidence of how groundbreaking the car will be.
Food delivery operations, robotaxis…it sounds like Apple Car can make all of that easily achievable.
If the Apple Car is as revolutionary as analysts predict it to be, it will likely heavily impact the way insurance works.
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