America's Favorite Classic Cars

Carlos Kirby
· 4 min read
Classic cars
are popular in America. People love to relive their younger years and get a second chance to enjoy the vehicles they drove years ago. For some drivers, it's a chance to drive iconic cars that came long before their time.
Whatever the reason, collecting classic cars is a popular hobby–for people who can afford it. Like with any hobby, classic car collectors have their preferences and some
older vehicles
are more coveted than others. 
A handful of the top models take up legendary names that everyone is familiar with, even people who aren't into classic cars. Some are less well-known and might be new to people outside of the hobby.
gives us a list of the most popular classic cars in America. Here are some of the vehicles that made it to the top.
If you love American classics, then you’ll surely recognize these cars.

Chevrolet’s Corvette: the pinnacle of classic cars in America

With a list like this, it would be surprising if the Chevrolet Corvette wasn't No. 1. Chevy is one of the most iconic American brands in any industry, not just automotive, and the Corvette is its best-known model. 
Its design has evolved from its introduction more than 60 years ago, but Corvette is still one of the most popular models around today. It was ranked as the most popular car in 40 states and is one of the most popular collectible classic cars out there. 
Let’s be honest, who doesn’t have an uncle who’s always dreamt of buying a classic ‘Vette.
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Ford Mustang: the definition of American-made

If Corvette is the most iconic name in American cars, Mustang has to be No. 2. This list confirms that. Ford introduced the Mustang in the 1965 model year and set off
decades of popularity for the model
Various redesigns throughout the years have led to people preferring a certain era of the Mustang over others, but one thing is certain: Mustang is one of the most popular names in automobile history.
If you look at the full top-10 list, you'll see a trend among the majority of the picks–Americans like American-made classic cars. Eight of the 10 models are from American companies like Chevrolet, Ford, and Pontiac. 
Only the MG TD at No. 3 and the Porsche 911 at No. 6 are made by international companies; MG is a British company and Porsche is based in Germany.

Why are these classic cars so beloved?

The car at No. 3 on the list is the least-known of the top 10. MG's T-Type cars were made between and 1936 and 1955 and were popular with GIs stationed in Europe. The TD was the first model officially sold in America and the most popular of the series. 
It is believed that the TD legitimized the sports car concept in America and laid the groundwork for more popular sports cars like the 'vette and Mustang. So what makes these classic cars so beloved in America? 
Americans like to drive fast, and that's easy to do when you're driving a
sports car
like these. Many collectors feel that manufacturers don't make cars as they used to and classic models are better than what you can buy new nowadays. 
For those people, getting a classic American sports car is a dream come true.
Classic cars aren't cheap; even if you're more into classic cars for collecting than driving, you have to insure them. Any damage or theft to your classic cars can be costly so make sure you have comprehensive coverage. 
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