9 of the Most Memorable 1995 Cars

Alexandra Maloney
· 5 min read
If you’re a car lover, one of your favorite things to do might be to take a trip down memory lane and look at some
classic cars
. In this blast from the past, we look at one of the most iconic years for cars—1995.
Whether you’re just a car enthusiast, or even looking ahead to eventually
purchasing a classic car
, you can enjoy our list of nine of the most memorable 1995 cars. Did we miss your favorite?
Toyota car wheel with original aluminium rims.

Ford F-Series

According to
, the Ford F-Series was one of the most popular cars in 1995, selling 691,452 units that year! The F-Series that year had multiple engine options with everything ranging from a 4.9 liter I6 with 150 horsepower to a 7.3-liter turbodiesel V8 with 425 pound-feet of torque.
At the time, the Ford F-Series had an adjustable driver’s seat, keyless entry and a CD player all for the reasonable price of $13,000. Today, the Ford F-Series is on track to be one of the
first electric trucks
, available in 2022.
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Honda Accord

Honda Accord
is a fan favorite car today, and it was in 1995 as well, selling 341,384 units that year. Today, this mid-size sedan comes equipped with a spacious interior, luxury leather seats, an advanced climate control system and wireless charging ports.
In 1995, the Honda Accord boasted a powerful engine and multiple different trims for a starting price point around $15,000.

Saturn S-Series

The Saturn S-Series sold 285,674 units in 1995. This General Motors car was popular in 1995 due to its impressive horsepower (100 @ 5000 RPM), cargo space of 11.9 cubic feet, its manual transmission with 5 speed, and 4-cyl, 1.9 liter engine.
The 1995 Saturn S-Series also came equipped with cruise control, leather seats and a CD player, so you could drive around in style.

Ford Explorer

This rectangular shaped sports utility vehicle (SUV) kicked off the SUV craze we’re still seeing today. Selling 395,227 units in 1995, it was the third most popular car that year. The Ford Explorer made a huge jump in sales in 1995, as in 1994 it was only the ninth most popular car.
With a ton of storage space (42.6 cubic feet), two models (one seating four people and one seating six), and a V6 4.0 Liter engine, the Ford Explorer was the perfect starter SUV in 1995.

Honda Civic

Another Honda makes the list with the Honda Civic, selling 289,435 units in 1995. This modest sized sedan came in three different models: the DX Sedan 4D, EX Sedan 4D, and LX Sedan 4D.
All four models could seat up to five people at a time and the combined fuel economy among them ranged from 28 MPG to 32 MPG. The DX and LX model had horsepower of 102 at 5900 RPM, and the EX had a horsepower of 125 at 6600 RPM for those who wanted to go just a little faster.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Although the Jeep Grand Cherokee wasn’t as popular as some of the other cars on this list, selling only 252,186 units in 1995, it was still a memorable car for many other reasons. This car was another one that sparked the SUV craze, and it was true to its name with a massive 40.9 cubic feet of storage space. The Jeep Grand Cherokee came in four models, giving car buyers tons of options to choose from and ensuring there was a vehicle perfect for everyone.
But, the Jeep Grand Cherokee wasn’t perfect. It did have a lower combined fuel economy than most other cars at the time, ranging from 16 MPG to 14 MPG among its four models.

Chevrolet C-K Pickup

The Chevrolet C-K pickup was the second most popular car in 1995, selling 513,081, after the Ford F-Series. This car was a great option for drivers who wanted a pickup in 1995, as it could tow a maximum of 7,500 pounds!
The truck came in two models, one with a short bed and one with a long bed option. While both models only got a combined fuel economy of 13 MPG and seated just 3, it was a perfect car for working people and those on the go!

Toyota Camry

The Toyota Camry was the sixth most popular car in 1995, selling 328,600 units total. This midsize car had a surprisingly impressive horsepower coming in at 188 at 5200 RPM. But, its combined fuel economy was only 21 MPG, making it a good family car but not great for people driving long distances.

Ford Ranger Pickup

Last but not least, our ninth most memorable car from 1995 is another pickup truck. The Ford Ranger pickup ranked below the Chevrolet C-K pickup, but still sold 309,085 units in 1995. It towed less than the Chervolet with a maximum of only 6,000 pounds, but it got a significantly better combined fuel economy at 22 MPG.
The Ford Ranger also had more models than the Chevrolet, with drivers able to choose from the long bed, splash short bed, and short bed.

Bottom line

So, which car on the list from 1995 do you think is the best? Or, did we miss your favorite? We’d love to hear from you and remember, whether you were buying a car in 1995 or today,
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