5 Key Things to Do When You Move States

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Lisa Steuer McArdle
Updated on Jun 27, 2022 · 3 min read
is a big enough process if it's within the same city. Between packing, going through your stuff, and loading it onto a
, the logistics of moving is exhausting.
If you are leaving your state or country, there's even more you must remember to do. It can get overwhelming—so here are five helpful tips and reminders to make sure your move goes as smoothly as possible.
Moving is a big enough process if it's within the same city, but if you leave the state or country, there’s even more to do.

Figure out moving and storage options

You have the option of hiring a professional company that will load and transport your stuff. But if you want to save some money, you could rent your own truck—but you might need to hire local movers to help you load and unload the truck, unless you’ve got a bunch of
friends and family
willing to help.
If there’s a gap between when you move out of the old place and into the new one, you may also need a place to store all your stuff for a little bit.
A portable container, like
as just one example, can be brought to you and transported to your current residence. You then fill it with your belongings, and the company will bring it to your new home.

Set up your utilities before moving

It’s a good idea to make sure things like your water, sewage, power and internet are set up before you arrive at your new place. It will make it much easier to settle into your new home if these necessities are already up and running when you’re moving in.
Unpacking and unloading from a move is hard enough, so having some home comforts set up right away can help.

Change your driver’s license and vehicle registration

One of the most important things to do when moving to a new state is to get a new driver’s license and
vehicle registration
Check your new state’s rules on this. Some states require you to get this done within 10 to 30 days of your move. In addition, some states require proof of citizenship and/or proof of residence at the DMV in order to get a new license and vehicle registration.

Figure out health care

You’ll probably need to change your health insurance if you move to another state. As soon as you can, gather copies of your medical records and prescriptions from your current doctor’s office (or, you can do an electronic transfer once you choose a new doctor in your new state).
If you have any necessary prescriptions, you might want to find a doctor in your new state sooner rather than later, to avoid a lag in your prescriptions. Another option is to stock up on your prescription before the move if you can.
If your employer or your spouse’s employer offers health insurance, make sure you read through your new policy so you understand what is covered.

Update your address

This seems obvious, but it had to be mentioned!
Submit a change-of-address form with the USPS, and also change your mailing address online on all your accounts. Another tip is to switch to paperless billing wherever possible—that way you don’t have to worry about bills ending up at the wrong address.
Finally, don’t forget to update your new address with your
car insurance
company. You may even end up paying less for car insurance in your new location, since the cost of premiums often vary by location.
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