3 of the Most Iconic ‘Price Is Right’ Cars

Hannah DeWitt
· 3 min read
The Price is Right has been a source of fun and excitement for decades. Many Americans have spent their childhood (or adulthood) watching strangers win cash, prizes, and
vacation trips
Cars were another one of the thrilling prizes available. Big or small, understated or supercharged, it was always wild to think of someone going home with something so massive.
Here’s a list of some of the most iconic
classic cars
given away on the legacy show, as featured by
This nostalgic TV show featured all kinds of fun cars.

1977 Chevrolet Blazer

The rugged 1977 Chevrolet Blazer was a seminal example of a sports utility car in the 70s. The one featured on the show was an inviting bright orange with white bumpers and rims.
It had a soft top, which was somewhat rare among cars in this era, with options for automatic transmission and four-wheel drive. This classic square body Chevy would’ve made any contestant give Johnny Olson a tackle-hug.
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1984 C4 Corvette

The show gave away a gold C4 Corvette that would’ve definitely turned heads on the road. This specific model featured Corvette’s new wind tunnel design, which made the car more aerodynamic. It was also one of the less expensive
on the market at the time but still kept up with pricier models.
Supercars were only given away on The Price is Right a few times, so this one would’ve been an especially big prize. Whoever won this surely went home as the envy of the neighborhood.

1982 AMC Eagle

This honey-colored dream was ahead of its time according to many car fans. The AMC Eagle was one of the first crossover vehicles released when The Price is Right brought it on the show in late 1982.
Premium leather seats, a convertible Landau roof, first-class AM/FM cassette player, and all-wheel drive makes this car a pretty classy way to leave the TV lot.

What happens to the winners’ cars after the show?

Distractify said that it’s not hard to get the cars, but they don’t come entirely free like they seem on TV.
Contestants owe the show a certain amount of money after they win, which needs to be paid before their episode airs and they receive their new vehicle. The show also doesn’t deliver the cars to the winners. Instead, you’d have to pick up the prize car at a local dealership.
Since the show is based in California, the winners have to pay California state auto taxes. If you’d rather have money than an expensive car, you’d have to sell it yourself, as the show doesn’t exchange prizes for cash.
All in all, if you’re not crazy about cars, winning one on a game show might be more of a hassle than you want. Either way, it’s exciting to watch contestants light up when they know they’ve won a prize.
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