2023 Cadillac Lyriq Leads GM's Intense EV Investment

Serena Aburahma
· 4 min read
is joining the ranks of iconic vehicle brands that are going electric. Many manufacturers, including
Mercedes-Benz, plan to go completely electric
, making a great race between manufacturers of gas-powered vehicles to see who can do it first.
The first Cadillac to make the switch to electric is looking to make an immediate impact on the market. According to
, the Cadillac Lyriq is an SUV that will impress with its visuals, comfortable driving features, and impressive battery life.
Technological history is being made as the great electric race between American auto manufacturers heats up.

Comfortable features of the Cadillac Lyriq

The luxurious feel of Cadillac vehicles is front and center in the Lyriq.
Cadillac's first EV has a driving-assistance system called Super Cruise, which seeks to take most of the work away from driving. Super Cruise is a feat of modern technology that uses cruise control, cameras, and sensors to help guide the vehicle on the road.
Electric vehicles are quieter than gas-powered vehicles in general, but the Lyriq emphasizes silence while driving. Noise cancellation is not typically a technology thought of in automobiles, but Cadillac's electric SUV will do just that.
For infotainment, the Lyriq will have one of the largest screens on a vehicle with its 33-inch dashboard screen. Impressively, despite being one single screen, this infotainment system can display three different sections of information at once.
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Competing in the electric SUV market

Electric SUVs are becoming a common sight in the automotive industry, so the Cadillac Lyriq will have to compete against some already popular names.
The Tesla Model X and Mercedes-Benz EQC have made a splash in the market. Other industry leaders, like
Volkswagen, are releasing electric SUVs
as well.
To keep up with the EV market and to possibly get ahead, the Cadillac Lyriq boasts an impressive battery. On one charge, the Lyriq is believed to have a range of 300 miles. With this, the Cadillac should be able to go toe-to-toe with other major EV SUV models.
Outside of the range, the number that many ask about when dealing with EVs is their price, and the Lyriq aims to be competitive in this department.
The number is not yet final, but the base Lyriq model will likely be priced at $60,000. This is cheaper than Tesla's electric SUV options and most other electric SUVs available right now.

What’s the future of Cadillac and GM’s EVs?

The Lyriq is set to be the first Cadillac EV to hit the market, but it certainly will not be the last, especially when traders are
betting on GM’s speedy EV transition
. By 2025, GM is planning to introduce 30 new electric vehicles.
GM is already making headlines with its
electric revival of the Hummer
. The Hummer EV is yet another electric SUV, but it seeks to target a different audience than the Lyriq. While the Lyriq prides itself on comfort, the Hummer EV is focused on bringing the power of the classic Hummer to an electric SUV.
This shows that the future of EVs, both from Cadillac and beyond, is to be the future of vehicles in general. If you are looking for a comfortable SUV like the Lyriq or something different, there will likely be an EV for you. For those interested in the Cadillac Lyriq, the vehicle is expected to hit the market in early 2022.
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