15 People in Milwaukee Allegedly Had Cars Stolen by One Man

Alexandra Maloney
· 3 min read
One man has been linked to 15
car theft
incidents in the last two weeks in the Milwaukee,
area. The man, Lazarion Gaillard, 20, of Milwaukee, was allegedly breaking into homes to find car keys inside, then stealing the cars right off driveways and out of garages.
Car thefts, like the ones that occurred in Milwaukee, are a serious and dangerous issue that no car owner can take lightly. Anyone could be the victim of a car theft, and if it happens to you,
having the correct insurance
will save you time, money and stress in this upsetting situation.
One man has been linked to 15 car theft incidents in the last few weeks in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area.

Car thefts in Milwaukee

reports, Lazarion Gaillard has allegedly subjected 15 victims to the crime of car theft in a short two-week span. Gaillard had an unconventional method of theft, as he would blend into neighborhoods, then break into his victims’ homes.
Once inside, Gaillard would enter a place where car keys are normally kept, like the kitchen, and take the keys. He would then take cars directly from their owners’ driveways, or even garages.
Detective Brendan Dolan told WISN12 that Gaillard would sometimes take the cars on joy rides and return them. Other times, he would sell the cars or take them to commit another crime.
Many of these car thefts were caught by homeowners' video surveillance cameras. In at least two of the thefts, Gaillard was armed. Luckily, no one was hurt in any of the crimes, but Gaillard did shoot a bullet into the air when confronted by one Milwaukee man.
Gaillard has been charged with 33 felonies, and is now being held in jail on a $65,000 cash bond.
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Could car theft happen to you?

Yes. Car thefts can happen to any car owner, and it’s essential to prepare for the worst. The cases of the Milwaukee car thefts show that even the most careful of car owners, who lock their vehicles away in the garage, can fall victim to this crime.
Car theft is a common crime. According to the
, there were an estimated 721,885 thefts of motor vehicles nationwide in 2019.
Of all motor vehicles stolen, about 75% were cars. While that number is down 4% since 2018, it’s unclear if that trend will continue.
More than $6 billion was lost nationwide due to motor vehicle theft in 2019, with the average loss on a stolen car equating to $8,886.
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What is comprehensive coverage car insurance?

Comprehensive coverage car insurance covers you in the event that your car is damaged in a non-collision accident, or is stolen. Car theft is typically an extreme case for insurance providers, and coverage usually pays you back the depreciated value of your car in the event that it's stolen.
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