Tech Boost: Ford Will Use Software Updates to Increase Range on the F-150 Lightning

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Not only does the all-electric Ford F-150 Lightning already have an advantage over other electric trucks, but it’s also taking the driving experience to futuristic levels. The electric version of America’s favorite truck promises to live up to all it is advertised to be.
Ford hasn’t kept its plans for the Lightning a secret, and the anticipated updates are creating a buzz in the EV automotive world. The F-150 Lightning is already impressive with its EPA-estimated battery range of 300 miles.
But the company has indicated they have even bigger range goals in mind. The software updates on the horizon include a potential boost that may exceed 450 miles. It is a mind-boggling number and perhaps a glimpse of what smart EV technology can do.
Woman in a blue suit standing in front of a silver Ford F-150 Lightning pickup truck
Imagine a future where updating your truck’s software is like updating your phone.

What we can expect from the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning

The Ford F-150 Lightning just might be the smartest truck in town. With performance-boosting advanced technology, the F-150 is everything you want an EV to be. It offers all the advantages you expect from an electric car but with an innovative and unique variety of high-tech features.
The Ford F-150 Lightning still has all the things drivers love about an F-150 truck. It’s been tested for toughness and designed to live up to the standards the brand is known for. The truck simply works smarter while focusing on zero-emissions efficiency.
The company knows it is all about delivering a good product, and updating software is part of that. The improvements are fluid and are made via over-the-air software updates.
The future of power in EVs seems to lie in its digital advancement and capabilities. The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning is enthusiastically embracing that future.

How will the Ford F-150’s software updates work?

The ultimate goal for any automaker, of course, is to introduce a flawless EV at its launch. But cars today are like mobile computer processors. They are run by a series of electronic components designed to oversee different functions of the vehicle’s operating system.
Over-the-air updates eliminate frequent visits to the dealership by sending updates via a wireless connection. Because updates can be automatically installed, continuous improvements can be made even after the initial launch.
Ford CEO, Jim Farley, was recently interviewed by The Drive. He says he sees ongoing updates on the F-150 Lightning and other EVs as the future of connected cars. Using software updates to increase the truck’s range seems certainly a good place to start.

Boosting range with software updates is nothing new

Extending an all-electric car’s range after its release is nothing new.
Jaguar unlocked and boosted the EPA range of its I-Pace by up to 8% in 2019. Jaguar was able to transfer software improvements based on the enhancements it discovered in its popular race series. I-Pace owners did not complain.
Tesla, of course, is always quick to stay one step ahead of the competition.
The EV company recently added a software update to increase the range on its Model Y vehicles. This year, Tesla is pushing an over-the-air software update for its Model S sedan. It doesn’t increase range but promises more precision control.
Farley says the ultimate goal of the Ford F-150 Lightning’s anticipated software update is simply providing a better experience for the customer. For future-focused fans of the EV industry and F-150 trucks, it is good enough.
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