Road Trip Games That Won't Have Your Kids Saying "Are We There Yet?"

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Cross-country road trips can be great ways to bring the family together for vacation. However, while you might enjoy the open road, your kids might get impatient after hours on the road.
There are ways to eliminate boredom and keep the road trip fun for everyone, though. Great Wolf Lodge listed fun road trip games to keep long drives interesting for younger riders, and here are some of the highlights.
Rows of license plates, all from different states
Entertaining kids is hard, especially in the car. Here are some fun, tech-free, games you can play with your kids.

What’s the first road trip game? Well, that could be the first question!

A classic question-answer game, 20 Questions is bound to keep everyone in the car focused. To play, you start by coming up with a secret person, place, thing, or whatever else you want. Then, everyone else gets to ask 20 questions to try to guess what the thing is.
The trick is that the questions can only have yes-or-no answers. Players have to use their 20 questions to narrow down options until they finally have to make a final guess. It’s a great game to keep everyone involved and thinking.

A classic for any road trip: The License Plate game

This is an absolute classic road trip game. The goal is for players to identify license plates from as many states as they can while you’re all on the road. This can be especially fun while going on a road trip through several states.
You can even add educational components to this one. Each player can have a map to keep track of states that they have seen plates from. This allows them to get a geography lesson while having fun and killing time on the road.

Let’s come up with some Hypotheticals

Hypotheticals gives everyone a chance to get to know each other a bit more while also flexing their creativity.
To play, simply come up with hypothetical questions that everyone else in the car will then answer. These can be things such as, “If you could have any superpower, what would it be?”
Each answer in Hypotheticals can provide a great point of conversation. Passengers can build on each other’s answers or debate whose ideas are better. While playing, it will feel like long stretches of road are just flying by.
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