Presidents Can't Drive, so What Does Joe Biden Use for His Ground Transportation?

Serena Aburahma
Oct 14, 2021 · 3 min read
If there was a chance to become the President, who would say no?
One of the main reasons Joe Biden was hesitant to run for president is because presidents can’t drive for their entire term.
Gray 2021 Chevy Suburban on the road with trees in the background
Chevy’s 2021 Suburbans are one of the President’s forms of transportation.

Biden steps down from his fast, not so furious life

When you’re passionate about driving like Biden, it’s a tough call, especially when it means not driving a classic car like the ‘67 Stingray.
A CNBC article quotes Biden saying, "‘... there’s one overwhelming reason not to run for president,’ he joked. I like to get that Corvette Z06 from zero to 60 in 3.4 seconds.’"
The decision was clearly difficult for Biden, so since presidents can’t drive on the open road, how do they get around?

The not so Cadillac, Cadillac One

The Cadillac One, besides the Cadillac emblem on it, is entirely unique from any other Cadillac built and it’s one of the few modes of ground transportation the president takes.
There are 12 Cadillac One vehicles all built secretly and all over $1 million each. Autoweek gives us a few reasons explaining what makes these cars so expensive.
To list a few things, the Cadillac One has armor plating throughout the car (even on the fuel tank), is sealed from the inside, has Kevlar-reinforced tires, and an emergency medical kit with the president’s blood, oxygen, etc.

What is Ground Force One?

Ground Force One is one of the forms of ground transportation available for the president to ride in. Similar to the Cadillac One, only a select few people can drive Ground Force One and becoming the driver, if you’ve gotten into the Secret Service, is a difficult process.
An article from Business Insider further breaks down the safety features of the vehicle, "The bus comes with… run-flat tires, armored exteriors, and heavily reinforced glass."
Ground Force One essentially has a lot of the same safety features and precautions as Cadillac One, including but not limited to, the president’s blood, extra oxygen, etc.

The Secret Service Suburbans

With the Biden Administration came additional ground transportation in the form of Chevy Suburbans. One key difference between these Suburbans is that the information is limited in terms of certain special features.
Like the other two ground control vehicles, the Suburbans are armored, have access to communications and electronic technology, etc. However, one interesting thing Motor Biscuit points out is the raised roofs, which continue to remain a mystery.
The Secret Service has previously added any alterations to vehicles that they thought were necessary, so one can only wonder what is in that roof.

Insurance is for everybody

President Biden without a doubt has his Corvette insured, and he’s probably saving money on his insurance because classic car insurance is usually cheaper than standard car insurance.
Believe it or not, all of the White House’s cars are insured! If there is a dent or ding from something small, from the Cadillac One to the Chevy Suburban, the vehicles would receive the repairs they needed.
Despite all the safety features of modern cars because the technology is so new, it’s important to make sure your vehicles are insured.

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