Jerry Seinfeld's Porsche Collection Will Blow Your Socks Off

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Celebrities and rare Porsches go hand-in-hand, but one comedian stands apart for his collection of classic cars. Jerry Seinfeld is most well-known for his beloved '90s sitcom, and his career success has resulted in an impressive Porsche collection.
According to GQ, the Jerry Seinfeld Porsche collection is housed in a former plumbing business in New York that takes up three floors. While he has sold some of his cars in the past few years, he has owned close to 50 Porsches. Here are some of the coolest, rarest, and most over-the-top models from his collection.
A close-up of a silver Porsche 911 Turbo S
It’s no secret that German brands have made some incredible classic cars, and Jerry Seinfeld’s Porsche collection pays homage to that fact.

The 1949 Porsche 356 Gmünd Coupe is a historical gem

At first glance, the Porsche 356 stands out for being a quirky little coupe that shows off some details of Porsche's signature style. This vehicle comes with a unique history, too.
The 356 was produced in an old sawmill in Gmünd, Austria, and only 52 models of the car were made (Seinfeld’s is the 40th). These Porsches have aluminum bodies, which were shaped by hand with hammers.
According to HotCars, Seinfeld's Porsche 356 stands out for having all of its original parts, which are mostly from Volkswagen.

Exclusive origins for Seinfeld’s 1964 Porsche 911

Of Porsche's long history of vehicles, the 911 is possibly the most recognizable. Celebrities like Taylor Swift have been known to feature the Porsche 911 in their car collections, but this entry in Jerry Seinfeld's Porsche collection is extra cool.
For starters, 1964 was the first production model year for the Porsche 911. While this alone would be enough to make Seinfeld's Porsche stand out, its history of ownership makes it even more special. This particular Porsche 911 was created for Ferry Porsche, son of the German automaker’s founder.
It comes as no surprise that when Seinfeld purchased this Porsche, it cost an impressive $400,000. After buying it, Seinfeld had the special 911 restored in Germany with original parts. It cost another $250,000 and took two years, but the Porsche was back in pristine condition.

Seinfeld’s 2000 Porsche Carrera GT Prototype is ultra-rare

The Carrera GT is a hypercar that Porsche produced from 2004 to 2007. However, the model owned by Jerry Seinfeld stands out for not being one of the 1,270 produced during this run. Instead, he owns one of just two prototype vehicles made in 2000.
This GT is one of the rarest in Seinfeld's Porsche collection, but when he tried to sell it in 2016, he couldn't find an interested buyer. The Carrera GT Prototype is a special car, but unfortunately, it's not a street-legal one, according to Hot Cars. This reality probably dissuaded many buyers who might otherwise have been interested.

The 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS from Seinfeld’s Porsche collection was involved in an unfortunate accident

For car enthusiasts, the Porsche 911 Carrera RS is known for its dominant success in racing. This legacy means that the cars fetch high prices at auction (we’re talking upwards of $1 million). The RS is surely a very highly valued member of Seinfield’s Porsche collection, and the actor and comedian has stated that it is one of the most perfect cars to drive, according to GQ.
However, in a moment fit for an episode of Seinfeld, his Carrera RS was part of a tragic incident. When it was parked in the Hamptons, Seinfeld watched as another driver crashed into it while trying to park. This was truly an unjust fate for such a special car.
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