Top 5 Moving Companies in San Francisco

From One Big Man to Clutter Moving, here is a guide to the top five moving companies in San Francisco and the services each offer.
Written by Matthew Lynaugh
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
The top five moving companies in San Francisco, California are One Big Man & One Big Truck, Kerb, Hauling Moses Moving, NorthStar Moving Company, and Clutter Moving & Storage.
Moving can be a difficult life choice and an even more difficult task. No matter your reason for uprooting and starting the next chapter of your journey, unforeseen challenges and stress are all but unavoidable when moving.
Thankfully, in a very populous city like
San Francisco
, there are plenty of moving companies to help make your transition as smooth as possible. With each company offering a different variety of services, it’s important to take a close look to see which one can suit your needs best.
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is here to guide you through the top five moving companies in
Golden City. We’ll cover each of their rates, services, and moving insurance offered to help you decide which company will work best for you.

1. One Big Man & One Big Truck

One Big Man & One Big Truck
definitely edges out the competition when it comes to fun names. This company works best for
small moves within the Bay Area
, or for anyone just looking for an extra set of hands. 
Services they offer:
  • Loading or unloading rental pods
  • Same day pack and move for a one-bedroom
  • Free use of quilted moving pads

Rates and insurance options

The cost of your move with One Big Man & One Big Truck will greatly depend on the
number of crew members needed
the distance of your move
,as well as the
time of day.
For an estimate, feel free to check out their
The State of California requires
valuation protection
, which is
0.60 per pound per item

2. Kerb

A BBB-accredited moving company that is ready to take on moves of any size,
can help you facilitate every step of the relocation process. From planning to unpacking, Kerb offers services to help you move
across town or across the globe
Services they provide:
  • Packing, unpacking and crating
  • Furniture moving
  • Auto-shipping

Rates and insurance options

Kerb’s rates vary drastically due to the wide range of moves offered—distance, crew, and equipment will all play a role in determining the cost. Kerb also offers a digital service where you can
video record all of your stuff and their software will analyze it to give you a quote! 
Kerb offers two types of moving insurance coverage:
  • Mandatory liability coverage
    : This is basic and free coverage—but you have to ask for it. This minimum plan covers 60 cents per pound per article.
  • Full value protection
    : This is a much more comprehensive plan that requires paying a premium. If anything were to happen to your belongings, your insurance company is responsible for replacing the full value of the goods they are moving.

3. Hauling Moses Moving

A true California company,
Hauling Moses Moving
, is here to assist with your move from
one big Cali city to another.
Whether you are moving local or long distance, Hauling Moses Moving will ensure your belongings move with care, and are stored in climate-controlled environments. 
Here are a few services they offer:
  • Free wardrobe boxes
  • Furniture assembly
  • Piano moving

Rates and insurance options

Inter-California moving is their specialty
, and they offer the same rate from San Francisco to Los Angeles, San Diego, and Sacramento. A non-stop, direct move to any of these cities will cost you a base rate of $1,895.
As for insurance, Hauling Moses Moving offers a variety of different options:
  • Minimum protection
    : This is already included in your quote and protects against loss or damage at 60 cents per pound per article.
  • Additional protection
    : Customers can choose to purchase additional coverage and set the value of their goods for an amount they see fit.
  • Full value protection
    : With this plan, the company would be obligated to replace the full value of any belongings they moved.

4. NorthStar Moving Company

With more
five-star ratings than any other moving company
NorthStar Moving Company
offers local, long-distance, and international moving and prides itself on environmental consciousness. Their hundreds of video testimonials prove why they are a worthy company to move you to a city like San Francisco.
NorthStar Moving Company offers:
  • Senior moving
  • Art packing
  • Custom TV transport crates

Rates and insurance options

NorthStar believes in only charging for necessary services, making each quote unique to your situation and
no flat rates
. Local moves are priced mostly depending on the number of workers needed, while long-distance moves are determined by distance and cargo weight. 
In addition, they offer
consolidated shipping
which combines long-distance shipping of multiple clients to keep costs low.
NorthStar provides
valuation protection
, which is another name for the minimum coverage of 60 cents per pound per item. NorthStar also recommends looking into
full value coverage
and using a trusted moving company because nothing can truly replace items of sentiment. 

5. Clutter Moving & Storage

Just as the name suggests,
Clutter Moving & Storage
is designed to be a
one-stop shop
for all your moving and storage needs. Placing a major emphasis on customer service, their crew works with an
on-demand model
, meaning they come to you and do all the heavy lifting—literally. 
Some of the services they provide:
  • Photographs of your storage inventory
  • Furniture disassembly
  • Online move management and tracking

Rates and insurance options

Clutter doesn’t give too much detail about their rates, but you can get a moving and storage quote on their
As for moving insurance,Clutter protection plans can cover
up to $2,500 of total item value
. For additional coverage, Clutter recommends purchasing third-party insurance.

How to pick a moving company

There’s a lot to consider when choosing a moving company:
services, cost, and customer service
just to name a few. Researching reviews and ensuring your company is properly accredited and licensed can also help you avoid potential scams.
We want to make sure you have all the information you need so you can choose the moving company that best matches your needs. Below is a simple breakdown of each company’s services offered:
Packing and unpacking
Storage options
Furniture disassembly and reassembly
Junk removal
Type of moves
Insurance options
One Big Man & One Big Truck
Offices, apartments, and small houses
Residential, local, long-distance, auto shipping
Liability, and full value replacement (through a third-party insurer)
Hauling Moses Moving
Residential, local, long-distance, commercial
California cities
Valuation, additional coverage, and full value replacement (through a third-party insurer)
NorthStar Moving Company
Residential, local, long-distance, commercial, international
Seniors, businesses, and art galleries
Valuation, and full value replacement (through a third-party insurer)
Clutter Moving & Storage
Residential, local, long-distance, commercial
Smart and self-storage
Valuation, and Clutter protection plan

Plan your move well in advance

Now that you have a better idea of the companies in San Francisco, it’s time to start booking! Preparation is the name of the game here, and it is a good idea to book a moving company
one month in advance
at the very least. More notice may be needed if you plan on moving during busy times such as the
summer or long weekends.
Budgeting is also extremely vital when it comes to moving. Calculate how much you think you will need to move by factoring in the distance and trucks needed by
requesting quotes
, and then set a little more aside for unanticipated expenses. 
and services offered before committing to a moving company. 

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