Orange County Property Tax

The Orange County property tax rate is 0.56%, making property taxes in this county less than the national average.
Written by Bonnie Stinson
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
Updated on Jun 01, 2022
With an average tax rate of 0.56%, Orange County residents pay an average of $3,404 a year in property taxes
Most of the year, homeownership feels like coming home to a safe haven. But when tax season rolls around, you have to deal with property taxes. They change often, so, understandably, homeowners are confused about their tax responsibilities.
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to the rescue! This article is a quick guide to property taxes in Orange County, including the average rates, due dates, and how to make your payments—so you can get back to the good life in sunny
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Property tax 101

Property taxes can be confusing! Here’s a quick guide.
Your local government sets property tax rates and collects the revenue. This money goes toward public works and community initiatives like libraries and fire safety programs. In Orange County, your property taxes are allocated approximately following these percentages: counties (15%), cities (12%), school districts and colleges (54%), and special districts (19%).
Properties like land, buildings, and homes are taxed. Your specific rate is determined by a tax assessor who looks at the market value of your property. Your rate can change frequently as market conditions change and local budgets fluctuate as taxes are levied.
If you live in a community, you pay taxes to support community services.

What is the property tax rate in Orange County?

Orange County’s average tax rate is 0.56% of the assessed fair market value—just below the state average of 0.74%. Based on this rate, you can expect to pay an average of $3,404 a year in property taxes. 
Find out more about the 2022 tax rates from the
Treasurer-Tax Collector
website for Orange County. 

How Orange County property taxes are determined

Property in Orange County may be subject to multiple districts for taxation. For instance, there may be a California-wide tax as well as a county-level tax.
The value of your property, on the other hand, is determined by a
local assessor
. However, if you disagree with their calculated value you can
appeal the assessment
There are many
property tax savings programs
in Orange County that could save you money, so check before you file!

What do Orange County property taxes pay for? 

Orange County spends the revenues from property taxes on a variety of county-wide services. These may include:
  • Streets and highways
  • Sewer system
  • Mosquito control
  • Parks and habitat restoration
  • Fire ant control
  • County fire authority
  • County libraries
  • Public health
  • Public transit
  • Development of affordable housing
  • School districts
  • Public safety projects
  • Mental health, homelessness, and addiction recovery services
County officials determine how revenues will be spent, but you can attempt to influence the tax revenue budget by attending community workshops.

How to pay property taxes in Orange County 

In Orange County, you can pay your property taxes lump sum or two installments. 
If you wish to split the payment, the first installment is due on or before November 1st (delinquent after December 10). 
The second installment is due on February 1st (delinquent after April 10). You will accrue penalties if you don’t pay on time.
You can
pay your property taxes
online, by mail, or in-person in Orange County.
To pay online, you have three options:
  • Submit an eCheck through your checking or savings account on the Tax Collector’s website. People who owe $25,000 or more on a single installment are required to pay electronically. Electronic payments are Orange County’s preferred payment method.
  • Pay by online banking. The transfer should be payable to the County of Orange, with the APN number in the account field. 
  • Pay by credit/debit card. If your payment amount is $99,999 or less, you can pay online with a valid card. You may be charged a 2.29% service fee. You can also pay via phone by dialing 714.834.3411.
To pay by mail:
  • Send the payment at least three days before the delinquent date. 
  • Payment must be in U.S. currency and drawn on a U.S. bank.
  • Mail payments to: County of Orange, Attn: Treasurer-Tax Collector, P.O. Box 1438, Santa Ana, CA 92702-1438.
To pay in person:
  • Visit the Office of the Treasurer-Tax Collector at 601 North Ross Street in Santa Ana, CA
  • Drop your payment (no cash) into the property tax payment drop box on the Ross Street side of the County Administration South Building at 601 North Ross Street
Remember, Orange County property taxes are due each year on November 1 and February 1. However, if those dates fall on a holiday or weekend, your taxes will be due the following business day.

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