Nassau County, New York Property Tax

Residents of Nassau County pay an average of 1.79% of their home’s worth in property taxes, which is above the state average of 1.23%.
Written by Jim Alexander
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Updated on Jun 01, 2022
Nassau County,
New York
, has a high property tax rate compared to the rest of the Empire State. Whereas the typical New Yorker pays 1.23% a year in property taxes, Nassau County residents pay on average 1.79%, or roughly $8,711 a year.
But not everyone’s situation is the same, and tax rates can vary—sometimes greatly—throughout the County. Your annual property tax bill is influenced by a large number of factors, including the assessed value of your home, the taxing zones you live in, and the economic conditions that influence the government budget that your taxes pay for.
Given all of the above, it can be difficult to figure out what taxes you pay, why your taxes change from year to year, and even how to pay them. Here to help answer all of your questions is home and
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Property tax 101

Property tax is an annual fee placed on homes and land by your local and state governments. Also called real estate tax, the money you pay is sent into the general budget for these governments, which in turn provide services back to the community.
This is a common tax used across the country because it only taxes people who live in the area. What that means is that any money you pay tends to go towards services you use daily.
So while no one looks forward to their annual property tax bill, it pays for things like schools, police departments, and road repairs, which all contribute to a better community.

What is the property tax rate in Nassau County?

The average tax rate in Nassau County is 1.79%. As compared with the state average of 1.23%, property taxes can be much higher in the county than in the rest of the state. This means that a homeowner with a median-priced home in the county can expect to pay $8,711 a year in property taxes.
However, the tax rate inside Nassau County depends upon your location, and many residents can expect to pay lower—and sometimes higher—rates. If you’re interested in learning more about your specific tax, or to see how tax rates have changed over time, check out the
Nassau Tax Collector’s website

How Nassau County property taxes are determined

In New York state, your property tax bill is based on two values: the assessed value of your home and your local tax rate.
This number, which is often called fair market value, is determined by the
Department of Assessment
. This price reflects the amount of money a buyer would be willing to pay a seller for a property if offered for sale. Every time a house is sold or if your house is upgraded, it must be re-assessed.
Your tax rate is determined by your local and state governments to cover their annual budget. This rate can change over time as the needs of the budget change. You may also live in special districts, such as a fire zone or a flood zone, which can cause your tax rate to increase.
Once you have these two numbers, your property tax is the fair market price of your home multiplied by your tax rate. For example if your house is worth $100,000 and your tax rate is 1%, you would owe $1,000 in property taxes (100,000 x .01 = 1,000).

What do Nassau County property taxes pay for? 

Many of the public services and employees of the government are paid for by property taxes. In Nassau County, this includes:
  • County police
  • Garbage collection and disposal
  • Fire departments and EMS services
  • Schools and community college
  • Water and Power
  • Road maintenance
  • Building and zoning board
  • Public parks and buildings, like libraries and community centers

How to pay property taxes in Nassau County 

Nassau County property taxes are due twice a year, first on February 10, then on May 10. If you’re curious about other deadlines, such as dates to file grievances and petitions for assessment review, take a look at the
tax calendar
Once it is time to pay your taxes, residents of the county are offered several methods to make payments:
  • Online: The County has an
    online portal
    that residents may use. There is a $1 service charge, and credit card transactions incur a 2.3% fee.
  • In-person: You can drop off a check to an outdoor drop box located at 1 West Street Mineola, NY 11501. In-person access may be limited, so be sure to call ahead if you want to speak to a representative in the office.
  • By mail: Checks should be made payable to the Nassau County Treasurer and mailed to 1 West Street Mineola, NY 11501. For more information, visit the
    County Treasurer’s office
  • Through your mortgage: Many lenders offer their clients the ability to pay property taxes as part of their monthly mortgage bill. Speak to your lender’s representatives for more information on their program.

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