Mecklenburg County Virginia Real Estate Tax

The average property tax rate in Mecklenburg County, VA, is 0.45%, which is low compared to the national average of 1.07%. The Virginia state average is 0.74%.
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The average real estate tax rate in Mecklenburg County, Virginia, is 0.45%, well below the state average of 0.74% and far below the national average of 1.07%. Property owners in Mecklenburg county typically pay around $521.00 per year in real property tax. 
If you own property in Mecklenburg County, you’re sitting pretty with one of the best real estate tax rates in the country. But that doesn’t make paying real property tax any easier if you’re unsure of your responsibilities or how the market works. 
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Real Estate tax 101

It’s possible all you really know about real property tax is that you have to pay it. Here’s a quick breakdown of how it’s decided and where it goes. 
  • Your local government redirects money from property taxes into public works and community services, such as libraries, schools, and emergency services.
  • If you see the term “real property” used, this has the same meaning as “real estate.” The terms property tax and real estate tax are interchangeable and both refer to property that cannot be moved, such as land, homes, or buildings. This is different than personal property tax.
  • Market values and the local tax rate are used by the Commissioner of Revenue to determine your real property tax rate.
  • Real estate tax rates can fluctuate, as they are linked to current market conditions and local budgets.
Real estate tax is collected from residents who have invested in living in a community, and the money is reinvested in services intended to benefit those residents. 

What is the real estate tax rate in Mecklenburg County?

Mecklenburg County Virginia has a real estate tax rate of 0.45%, which is very low compared to the national average of 1.07%. The state average falls between the two at 0.74%. Property owners can expect to pay an average of $521.00 per year in real estate tax.
You can find more about tax rates in surrounding counties through the website

How Mecklenburg County real estate taxes are determined

The Board of Supervisors sets the real estate tax when preparing the new budget each spring.   
The Commissioner of Revenue assesses real estate each July 1st, basing this assessment on fair market value. This is the amount a knowledgeable buyer would reasonably pay, and a buyer would reasonably accept, in the case of a legal sale. 
Real estate taxes are billed to the owner of the property as of July 1st. If you wish for your taxes to be prorated between you and the new or former owner, this should be negotiated at the time of the sale.

What do Mecklenburg County real estate taxes pay for?

Your real estate or real property taxes are reinvested in community services and public works, all intended to better the place you live. Some of these services include:
  • Fire services
  • Libraries
  • Roads and highways
  • Safety measures
  • Law enforcement 
  • Sanitation
  • Landscaping
  • Cities
  • Hospitals
  • Other services intended to improve the community 

How to pay real estate taxes in Mecklenburg County 

Real estate tax is billed twice per year in Mecklenburg, once in October and once in April, with payment due dates of December 5th and June 5th. Real estate tax and personal property tax payments can be combined into one payment for your convenience.
  • Online: Payments can be made through the
    Mecklenburg County website
    . Accepted payment methods include eCheck, debit, or credit card. Note there is a service fee for card transactions.   
  • By phone: Have your account number ready and call 855-748-3306. You can pay by eCheck, debit, or credit card, all with a service fee. 
  • By mail: Send the bottom half of your statement and your payment by check or money order to Mecklenburg County Treasurer's Office, P.O. Box 250, Boydton, VA 23917. As long as your payment is postmarked by December 5th and June 5th respectively, you will not be penalized for late payment. Checks should be made to “County of Mecklenburg.”
  • In person: Stop by the Treasurer’s Office Monday to Friday between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm to make an in-person payment. The office is located at 311 Washington Street in Boydton. 
  • Drop box: If you’re in the area, you can drop your payment in the gray drop box outside the Treasurer’s Office at 311 Washington Street, Boydton at any hour of the day. Check and money orders are accepted but please no cash for security reasons. Please include the bottom half of your statement and make checks out to “County of Mecklenburg.” The drop box is emptied daily.
  • Through your mortgage: Tax bills are sent to mortgage companies at their request. If you receive your tax bill but wish your mortgage company to pay, forward the bill to them and ensure they pay it. Payment is ultimately your responsibility.
There is no grace period for late payments, with a late fee of 10% added the day after payments are due.

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A 10% late payment penalty will be added to your bill beginning the day after the payment due date (December 6th or June 6th). Interest at the rate of 10% per year begins compounding the day payments are past due.
If you don’t receive your bill, you should contact the Treasurer’s Office at 434-738-6191, ext. 4251 as soon as possible. Not receiving a bill doesn’t mean you are free from paying your taxes. It is your responsibility to follow up and ensure your taxes get paid on time.
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