Healey Fire Protection Review

Healey Fire Protection is a fire protection contractor that can install and maintain fire protection systems for commercial and industrial businesses.
Written by Lindsey Muszkiewicz
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
Healey Fire Protection
is a worldwide special fire hazard contractor that offers services in maintaining and implementing fire safety regulations for industrial and commercial operations.
Every new business owner knows that special feeling of opening their doors for the first time. From the time you got your production line up and running, you’ve been dedicated to filling orders, following regulations, and optimizing each part of the production process. And you won’t want to leave your fire safety to chance.  
Every 23 seconds, a fire department responds to a fire somewhere in the United States, according to the
National Fire Protection Association
. That’s why it’s crucial to make sure that you have the proper insurance coverage and to invest in fire protection and prevention services before you find yourself filing a fire damage claim. 
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For industrial and commercial business owners, Healey fire protection is a world-class option to consider. To learn more about how Healey can protect you—and how you can save money on your
home insurance
—here’s an easy-to-use guide by the insurance
comparison app
to get you started.

What type of business is Healey fire protection?

Healey provides worldwide services connecting commercial businesses and manufacturers with top industry leaders to find the fire protection system right for your needs. 
They offer several different options for fire suppression, prevention, and hazard analysis. They focus on fire protection systems that are critical in facilities like automotive, telecommunication, and information technology businesses.
main services
  • Inspection, consultation, and maintenance services
  • Complete equipment and systems installation
    certified engineering with CAD services (helping users create designs in 2D or 3D so that they can visualize system construction)
  • Providing replacement parts to maintain your system
  • Fixed price maintenance agreements
With locations on six continents, Healey is prepared to help you design, build, and implement fire protection systems for businesses worldwide.

What fire protection services does Healy offer?

Healey’s services can fit into two basic categories: installing special hazard fire safety systems and service and maintenance support.

Special hazard fire safety systems

  • Fire suppression systems: Healey has several fire suppression options to prevent small fires from growing out of control, from traditional water mist systems to more sophisticated systems like clean agent fire suppression.
  • Fire detection and control systems: Healey offers intelligent fire alarm and control panels that can include ultraviolet and infrared flame detection, combustible gas detection, and even pre-action sprinkler monitoring.
  • Very early warning smoke detection: Otherwise known as VESDA, Healey can install smoke detectors that do continuous air sampling to provide the earliest possible warning of a fire hazard.
  • Explosion suppression: Healy has partnered with the leading provider of explosion protection support and can install systems that suppress, isolate, and vent combustible vapors in process industries.

Service and maintenance

  • Emergency services: Healey knows disasters don’t take weekends, which is why they’re available 24-hours, 365 days a year, and always have an in-stock supply of suppression agents and recharge options. They also keep a vast array of spare parts for immediate repairs.
  • Complete system maintenance, testing, and inspection: Fire protection systems are required to be inspected and tested semi-annually, but Healey goes above and beyond to offer single or multiple-year inspection contracts to meet budgeting needs.
  • Environmental solutions: Healey can also reclaim extinguishing agents to be disposed of, compliant with the latest U.S. EPA regulations.
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What makes Healey’s fire protection services unique? 

As a fire protection contractor, Healey is one of the top-ranked fire system inspectors worldwide. All of their technicians are highly trained and NICET Level IV certified—the highest-rated certificate they offer!

Worldwide network

Healey can provide installation of fire protection and distribute much-needed services to manufacturers around the world to keep factories safe. Healey can make sure vital industries are protected, such as power generation stations, automobile factories, and communication lines—no matter where they are located. 
For a full overview of who they can service, check out their
information online

Highly trained professionals

Being at the highest-rated level of certification from the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies means that Healey employees are prepared to handle even the most complicated situations when installing fire protection. 
Operating since 1962, Healey has 60 years of experience in lead managing roles installing, inspecting, testing, and ensuring all their work is up to code wherever they’ve worked.

The downsides: no homeowners services

Healey Fire Protection is listed as a part of the
National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors
, a trade association for companies that sell, distribute, and service fire equipment. However, Healey is only able to provide its stellar services to commercial businesses and industrial companies. 
If you’re a business owner, you could qualify for their excellent protection, but if you’re looking to find fire protection for your home, you’ll need to search elsewhere.  

How fire protection could save you money on home insurance

Fire damage makes up approximately 25% of homeowners insurance claims and is the third most common claim type in the US—that’s no small number! In 2020 alone, the
National Fire Protection Association
reports that local fire departments responded to 1,338,500 fires.
Fire can too easily be caused by day-to-day things—a cooking appliance goes awry, an electrical shortage occurs, or a host of other things can happen that are out of your control. Knowing this, it’s important to make sure your home and its contents (not to mention your family!) have strong homeowners or
renters insurance
policies in place. 
Insurance can mitigate the costs that come with house fires in a few ways: 
  • Main dwelling coverage will help you rebuild any structural damage to the house.
  • Personal property coverage can help you replace furniture, clothing, and other items lost or damaged in a fire.
  • Additional living expenses coverage will absorb some of the cost of hotel rooms, takeout, and other loss-of-use expenses if you’re forced out of your home due to fire damage.
  • Liability coverage is good to have in case you’re in any way found at fault for causing a fire that injured others or damaged neighboring property. 
Of course, all that protection can add up. On average, the annual cost of homeowners insurance is $1,393, while renters insurance is a little more affordable around $168 per year. Want to lower those premiums?
Installing fire protection
can lower your level of fire-related risk. 
Insurance companies set premiums based on your level of risk, so they’ll take your home’s fire safety into account when looking to set your rate. One of the factors that many insurers look at is your address’s distance from the nearest fire station. While you can’t pick your house up and scoot it closer to the fire department, you can earn a discount by: 
  • Installing a fire alarm that contacts emergency services directly 
  • Installing a sprinkler system 
  • Seeing if your building is made with fire-resistant materials
  • Having working
    smoke detectors
    and fire extinguishers 
Different insurance companies offer
different discounts
, so check with your insurer to see what options are available to you. Even better, you can compare rates and discounts from multiple companies at once to find the best deals available (
makes this fast and easy!). 

How to save money on homeowners insurance

Installing fire protection equipment and hunting for discounts is one way to lower your home or renters’ insurance premium, but another way is to download the
app and have customized quotes brought directly to you in 45 seconds or less. 
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