The Best Places to Live in Nevada

From Reno to Kingsbury to the crown jewel of Las Vegas, here are all the best places to live in the state of Nevada.
Written by Natalie Todoroff
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
Green Valley Ranch,
, and (of course)
Las Vegas
are some of the best places to live in
“Home Means Nevada” is more than just a catchy state song. For more than three million Americans, it’s a mantra. If you’re looking to join the chorus and permanently put down some roots in the Silver State, you’ve come to the right place. 
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What makes a good place to live? 

When you add it all up, Nevada is made up of 19 cities, 16 counties, and 137 special districts. With numbers like these, how on earth are you supposed to pick just one place to settle down? 
In lieu of drawing a name of out a hat, we took a look at the metrics listed below to help you narrow down your choices: 
  • Median household income
  • Median home price
  • Cost of living
  • Quality of schools 
  • Crime rates
  • Average commute times
By carefully looking at these stats, we’ve found the top choices for those looking for somewhere family-friendly, somewhere affordable, or somewhere to buy a home. 

The best places for families to live in Nevada

We paid special attention to the quality of schools, crime rates, and community life to choose these three Nevada towns that are best for families. 


Location: Douglas County
Population: 2,144 
Median household income: $62,296
Median home price: $520,800
If small-town life is what you’re after, you won’t do much smaller than Kingsbury. This suburb outside of
is a mere stone’s throw away from the glittering Lake Tahoe, offering plenty of outdoor activities for you and your family to enjoy.  
Crime rates in Kingsbury are miles below the US average, making it a relaxing and worry-free place to raise a family. You’ll feel at ease letting the kids walk to one of Kingsbury’s five top-rated public schools: each received an A- rating from 

Green Valley Ranch

Location: Clark County
Population: 19,956 
Median household income: $97,256 
Median home price: $367,782 
If tiny towns aren’t your family’s speed, check out Green Valley Ranch. This neighborhood in
, Nevada is ranked the best place to raise a family and overall best neighborhood to live in the broader city. 
Although the city of Henderson does see some higher crime rates, you won’t find many crimes in Green Valley Ranch. In fact, there are so few crimes in Green Valley Ranch, we had a hard time even finding any statistics! 
When the kids are out from one of Green Valley Ranch’s above-average public schools, take the family to enjoy some fresh air in Paseo Verde, Discovery, Strawberry Hill, or one of the many other parks. Feel free to bring your four-legged babies as well: Green Valley Ranch has many dog parks as well!  

The most affordable places to live in Nevada 

To find Nevada’s most affordable towns, we based their affordability based on the average cost of living and commute time (which impacts fuel costs). 


Location: Lincoln County 
Population: 1,124
Median household income: $60,455
Median home price: $126,700
Caliente stands out on our list for two reasons: it’s the smallest town in our roundup and, with an income to rent ratio of 105 and a home to income ratio of just above two, is the cheapest place to live in Nevada
Caliente residents enjoy a lower cost of living, around 9.7% below the national average. Only 6% of workers work from home in Caliente, but the remaining 94% of workers don’t have long commutes either. The average commute in Caliente clocks in at just under 6 minutes, about 20 minutes shorter than the national average.  


Location: White Pine County 
Population: 4,305 
Median household income: $60,048
Median home price: $134,800
With an average cost of living an astonishing 15.1% lower than the national average, eastern Nevada’s Ely is also a great place for those who want a less expensive way of life. It’s a popular choice among retirees and residents looking for a more sparse, spread-out suburban vibe. 
A car is a must-have in Ely. Public transportation options are few and far between in this small town, so workers rely on their own set of wheels to get them to and from the office. Commutes in Ely are longer than those in Caliente at just under 14 minutes, but they’re still below the national average of 26.4 minutes.  

Sun Valley

Location: Washoe 
Population: 21,159 
Median household income: $57,368 
Median home price: $169,000
Living in ​​
Sun Valley
is a great option for those who wish to be close to the buzzing city of Reno but without the 12% higher cost of living. 
Residents are just a 12-minute drive from Reno, without
. An office commute takes a little longer though, on average around 24.5 minutes, which squeaks in at just under the national average. 

Best places to buy a house in Nevada 

When thinking about which Nevada towns were the best for purchasing a home, we considered their respective housing markets


Location: Washoe County 
Population: 246,500 
Median household income:  
Median home price: $335,000
, the “Biggest Little City in the World,” is first up on our group of best places to buy a home in Nevada. Homes in this city near the mountains are in higher-than-ever demand, with median home values growing by 8.5% last year and on track to increase by 6.2% this year.
Because of this high demand, new homes in Reno are popping up left and right: new construction applications in Reno were 38% above the US average. As the numbers show, a home in Reno is a worthwhile investment!  


Location: Clark County 
Population: 309,995
Median household income: $318,800 
Median home price: $500,000
Next up for potential homebuyers is Henderson. A part of the broader Las Vegas metro area,
has the title of the second-most populous city in the state of Nevada. Henderson is an excellent option for homeowners who want to be near the sparkling strip of Las Vegas without being smack bang in the middle of all of the hustle and bustle. 
The median home value in Henderson jumped 9.2% last year and is expected to grow to 6.3% in the coming year. Best get into the Henderson housing market while it’s still hot! 

Las Vegas 

Location: Clark County 
Population: 644,594
Median household income: $62,107 
Median home price: $258,600
What better way to round out our list of the best places to live in Nevada than with
Las Vegas
? The city of Sin is not just for gambling and all-you-can-eat buffets; it’s also great for homeowners. Las Vegas homes have seen the greatest increase in value out of the three cities on our list at an astounding 10.9% added to their value. 
When you look past its glamorous veneer, Las Vegas is really not so unlike any other desert town with a booming economy. For those looking to invest in a home and sell it for a profit, a home in Las Vegas is your winning ticket. 

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