ASA Fire Protection Review

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ASA is a full-service fire protection company that primarily serves businesses in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, and North Carolina. From equipment installation to OHSA ladder inspections and staff training, ASA is a top-rated fire protection company that can do it all.
A lot can happen in 90 seconds. Did you know that a home fire occurs every 89 seconds according to the National Fire Protection Association? An insurance policy can help you rebuild after a fire—but high-quality fire suppression equipment could stop the fire from happening in the first place.
ASA fire protection is among the best options for business owners in the southeast United States. Super app Jerry has researched ASA’s fire protection services—and how to unlock savings on insurance by installing your own fire protection equipment. Check out car and home insurance comparison app Jerry’s review of ASA fire protection below. 
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What type of business is ASA fire protection?

ASA is a comprehensive fire protection company for residential and commercial buildings. The team is Level III NICET Certified to work in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, and North Carolina. This company offers inspection, testing, and maintenance of emergency and fire protection equipment as well as employee training.
Here are the core services that ASA provides:
  • Inspection, testing, and maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems
  • Inspection, testing, and maintenance of portable fire protection equipment
  • Inspection, testing, and maintenance of commercial kitchen fire protection systems
  • Inspection, testing, and maintenance of emergency and exit lighting
  • Inspection, testing, and maintenance of respiratory protection equipment, fall protection equipment, and OSHA ladders
  • Inspection, testing, and maintenance of alarm, sprinkler, and industrial fire protection systems
  • Employee training for code compliance
Whether you have a small business or a large business with multiple locations, ASA can help you with your fire protection needs.

What fire protection services does ASA offer?

Let’s break down the ASA fire protection service into two key categories, Fire Protection & Suppression and Industrial Life Safety Services & Inspections. Within each of these categories, ASA offers a variety of services:
  • Install, inspect, test, and maintain: Fire alarms, fire extinguishers, fire sprinklers, kitchen fire suppression, backflow prevention, and fire pump services.
  • Inspect, test, and maintain: Hydrostatic cylinder testing, eyewash stations, spill kits, fall protection equipment, AED services, gas detection systems, SCBA gear, and ladder inspection.
ASA also offers commercial security services, ranging from audio intercoms and life safety to CCTV and intruder alarms. 

What makes ASA’s fire protection services unique? 

ASA stands out among fire protection service providers for its comprehensive services, high standard of training, and meticulous documentation

Comprehensive services

It’s much more efficient to hire a single company for all the services a business needs. With ASA, fire protection is just one of many services you can hire out. From installation through to maintenance, ASA can take care of it all. This applies to fire protection systems, security systems, staff training, and industrial life safety equipment. While ASA is licensed for work in four states, the company has an arrangement that permits them to maintain equipment in other states.

High training standards

Fire protection is a highly precise field—and code compliance is important. ASA’s team is held to extremely high standards. Level III NICET Certification is the highest standard and requires a minimum of five years of work experience. Every employee is trained to handle all inquiries. 

Meticulous documentation

Fire protection systems require ongoing maintenance. ASA is proud to keep meticulous web-based records. This means that, at any moment, you can ask ASA to see records about previous inspections and problems. Down to the second, you can view documentation about prior service. This also allows you to forecast a budget for the future, too.

The downside: no services for homeowners

ASA fire protection does not currently serve individual homeowners. If you run a business, you can take advantage of this amazing company’s offerings. However, you’ll need a different company if you need to defend a private residence against fires. 

How fire protection could save you money on home insurance

Fire damage is the third most common homeowners insurance claim. Nationally, fire-related damage accounts for about 1.3 million fires and $21.9 billion in cumulative property damage. Yikes! 
Your personal property may be under greater threat from fire than you think. A strong homeowners or renters policy can help mitigate the costs resulting from a fire. Here are some of the coverages that could help:
  • Main dwelling coverage can help cover the costs to rebuild after a fire.
  • Personal property coverage can help pay to replace personal items like clothing, furniture, and other possessions.
  • Additional living expenses coverage can help pay for lodging, food, and other loss-of-use expenses if you can’t live in your home due to fire-related damage.
  • Liability coverage can help pay for legal costs if you’re found to be at fault for causing a fire. 
The average annual cost of homeowners insurance is $1,393, while renters insurance is typically more affordable at about $168 per year. It’s worth paying for this protection but there are ways to lower your premium. The best way to lower costs is to install fire protection systems to lower your level of fire-related risk. 
Your premium is based on your level of risk. So, if you reduce the risk of fire you’ll receive a lower rate. Here are some ways to get a discounted rate by reducing the risk of fire:
  • Install a fire alarm that directly calls emergency services to help reduce response time
  • Install a sprinkler system to reduce the flames’ damage 
  • Select fire-resistant materials when constructing or renovating
  • Install smoke detectors and/or fire extinguishers 
Of course, all companies offer discounts. Ask your insurance company which discounts you qualify for. It’s also smart to shop around with multiple companies to see who offers the lowest rate for your situation (Jerry makes it easy!). 

How to save money on homeowners insurance

Step one, qualify for discounts by installing fire protection gear. Step two, download the Jerry app to look for better rates from other companies. It only takes 45 seconds and you’ll get quotes from top companies. If you find a better rate, you can switch over with minimal hassle. 
Here’s a secret: You can unlock additional discounts if you bundle home/renters with car insurance (and Jerry’s users earn an average of $887 on car insurance by searching with the Jerry app). 
“Without a doubt, using Jerry was a seamless process!  The staff was attentive to my every question. My new Nationwide policy premium saves me $200 a month. Let them save you money too!” —Kenny P.
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