What Happens When You Add a Tesla Engine to a Land Rover?

An auto shop in Florida customized a vintage Land Rover and made it electric.
Written by Clare Behe
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Feb 17, 2022
Imagine a futuristic tiny house on wheels (very tiny), all shiny silvers and luxurious cool blues. Now mentally combine that with a rustic-but-high-end cabin; something you might go glamping in. Got it? Great—you're now picturing the custom ECD Automotive electric
Land Rover Defender 110

The Defender’s interior

The Defender 110 was restored by the custom builders both inside and out, showing off stylistic modifications, and housing a
fully electric Tesla engine
. However, despite its Frankenstein patchwork origins, the Land Rover is anything but. 
Its cargo area accommodates four with inward-facing tan bench style seats which simultaneously Give off sitting-‘round-the-campfire and live-in camper vibes, all while sticking to a decidedly 2022 brand of luxury.
The cabin of the car is not to be outdone and features an Evander wood-rimmed steering wheel, heated and ventilated leather seats in the same sandy tone as the rear jump seats, and a deliciously techy dash. 

An old car with new tech

The sound system (because “regular speakers” are not going to cut it here) is comprised of Infinity Kappa speakers and JL Audio subwoofers. 
An Alpine Floating Halo touchscreen provides even more options to control various settings and is flanked by USB ports and a wireless charging system. 
Meanwhile, safety features are not entirely cutting-edge but do include the necessities that make a driver’s life easier, such as a parking camera and parking sensor. 
interior aesthetic
ties in beautifully with the exterior. Delicate CNC cut metal detailing on the HVAC system is reflected in the door handles and trim, a visual glue to connect the warm-and cool-toned themes.
In case the buyer is looking to rough the wilderness in their Rover, and not just gaze at it, the model also  features a Front Runner roof rack system on top of its Alpine White-painted roof. 

Can it run without gas?

All of this, then, is being powered by a 100 kWh battery that can go for 220 miles on a 5-hour charge. Compliments of a Tesla
direct-drive engine
, the ECD custom Defender can roar—or hum?—from 0-60 within 5 seconds.   
For those lusting after a one-of-a-kind custom build electric Rover, the Kissimmee, FL-based ECD Automotive does take orders. If you're looking for this special Defender 110, start saving: prices begin at $203,000.
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