Vanderhall Has a Quirky Three-Wheel EV

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A man driving a black Vanderhall vehicle through city streets
Most of us have never driven a three-wheeled vehicle, let alone thought of buying one. But the Vanderhall Edison 2 might change your mind. 
Imagine a stripped-down roadster with the near-instantaneous acceleration of an electric vehicle (EV), combined with an open cockpit and leather bucket seats. If that sounds appealing, then the Vanderhall Edison 2 might be the three-wheeled source of joy that you’ve been looking for. 

Never heard of Vanderhall? You’re not alone

As a little-known company that’s mostly talked about within car fanatic circles, Vanderhall is known for making roadster-style vehicles. Most of their vehicles are ones that buyers might think twice about, but there’s reason to reconsider.
The Edison 2 is just one of several EVs that Vanderhall has recently unveiled. Tested by MotorTrend, Vanderhall’s electric three-wheeler is insanely fun to drive, powered by a zippy pair of electric motors that churn out 140 hp and 232 lb-ft of torque. 
If that doesn’t sound like much, keep in mind the vehicle only weighs in at 1400 lbs. This equates to a lightning-fast 0-60 mph time of around four seconds. Sitting on three wheels, the Edison 2 certainly makes a statement and looks like something from a 1930s drag strip. 

Is the Vanderhall Edison 2 practical? 

Plainly speaking–not at all. Even though Vanderhall claims that the Edison 2 has a battery range of 200 miles, MotorTrend’s test driver guesstimated that the battery was depleted after around 100 miles. However, the vehicle was traveling at a speed of 80 mph for several hours, so that may have affected things. 
The driver also noted that using a Level 1 charger (120 volts), the Edison 2 took around 24 hours to completely recharge. And with a 1400 lb curb weight, an exposed cabin, and a minimal windshield, safety comes secondary to fun with this roadster. Buyers beware—this isn’t a grocery runner or soccer practice driver. 

Is the Vanderhall Edison 2 a buy? 

For drivers that are looking for an EV sports car that costs less than a Tesla, the Edison 2 could be high on their list of potentials. 
The Edison 2 starts at just under $35,000, and finding an EV with a 4.0 second 0-60 mph time in that price range is extremely difficult. MotorTrend also knocked the Edison 2 on its cramped cabin, in which two adult occupants struggled to cohabitate comfortably. 
The decision is left up to the purpose of the vehicle—which seems to be designed for short weekend trips and drives that let the driver simply enjoy being behind the wheel of such a zany vehicle. 

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