The Top 5 States for Electric Vehicles 

These 5 states account for almost 60% of registered electric vehicles nationwide. 
Written by Alexandra Maloney
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Aug 25, 2022
electric vehicles (EVs)
have gained popularity throughout the entire country over the past decade, there are some states that have adopted EVs at an incredibly rapid pace – and they don’t show signs of slowing down. 
These are the top 5 states for electric vehicle
– do you live in one of them? 

What are the top 5 states for electric vehicles?

According to an
article, the five states driving electric vehicle adoption are California, Florida, Texas, Washington, and New York – in that order. California leads the pack, accounting for 38.9% of registered electric vehicles nationwide. 
In second place is Florida, but with just 6.7% of registered EVs nationwide, it’s a large jump from California’s first place.
The state with the third most registered electric vehicles is Texas at 5.4%, followed by Washington at 4.4% and New York at 3.6% of all registered electric vehicles. 
Collectively, these five states have just about 60% of the electric vehicle market share, meaning the remaining 45 states share just 40% of registered electric vehicles on the roads. 

What does this mean for nationwide electric vehicle adoption?

These electric vehicle numbers might seem promising, according to Axios data, electric vehicles still account for just 0.6% of all vehicles on the roads nationwide. 
Even in California, which accounts for almost 40% of registered electric vehicles, the actual number of EVs on the road represents less than 2% of the total number of vehicles driving around California. 
In the other top four electric vehicle states, the eco-friendly cars make up less than 1% of the cars on the road.
All of this is to say that electric vehicles still have a long way to go before they are widely accepted and adopted throughout the United States. 
There’s no doubt
the trend is catching on
– afterall in May of 2022, 4.6% of all new vehicles registered were electric – but it’s going to take decades to eliminate harmful fossil fuels from cars altogether. 
Luckily, car manufacturers are investing billions of dollars into the electric vehicle industry, and more and more car brands are coming out with electric vehicles in the coming months and years. 
Tesla still holds the biggest market share for electric vehicles by far, but as more brands continue to invest in electric vehicle technology and provide options to drivers, the quicker the vehicles will become widespread.

Car insurance for electric vehicles 

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