Tesla Owners' Full Self-Driving Mode Scares Friends and Family

Find out why, despite safety measures taken by Tesla, the carmaker’s self-driving mode is scaring the friends and loved ones of those lucky enough to test it out in their own models.
Written by Jason Crosby
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
full self-driving mode has you feeling a little wary, you definitely aren’t alone. Many Tesla owners are experimenting with Tesla’s relatively new driving feature—much to the dismay of their friends and family. Despite claims that drivers are in control of the vehicle in the event of an emergency, some passengers aren’t so convinced.
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Full self-driving mode is making people uncomfortable

According to
, Tesla owners might love their vehicle’s full self-driving feature, but their loved ones aren’t quite as ready to get on board—literally. 
In fact, it’s not the concept of a self-driving Tesla that has passengers concerned. It’s the way that the feature operates that has caused some people to express their concern. 
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Why is full-self-driving making people uncomfortable?

Other than an expensive campaign by one determined
California senate candidate
and skepticism from the NHTSA, full self-driving has been often hailed as a technological achievement to be celebrated. 
However, the feature doesn’t always work quite as well in Teslas as we may be led to believe. The same CNN article explains that one couple’s
Tesla Model 3
often swerves dangerously close to commercial trucks, and sometimes even drives above or below the speed limit, creating conflicts with other drivers. 
Full self-driving may be an exciting feature, but Tesla has had a lot to answer to over the past several years, racking up a considerable amount of driving-assist-related crashes that Musk’s company often tries to sweep under the rug. 

When did Tesla release its full self-driving feature?

Tesla released their software update for full self-driving back in 2021 when it made headlines across the country, and it’s actually quite a clever business move. Drivers using the feature can have their car’s analytics sent back to Tesla in order to fine-tune the feature, and the resulting hype surrounding full self-driving gets potential customers and current owners excited. 
It’s also important to note that the full self-driving feature has a bit of a misleading name. There are situations that it can’t handle, and will sound off a jarring alarm to alert the driver that it’s time to take control of the vehicle and drive manually. 

Is full self-driving safe enough to use? 

Tesla claims the functionality of its full self-driving tech is safe for everyday use, but it’s important to remember that it’s still a test version. Tesla is keen on software updates and patches that help keep their customer’s vehicles up to date and free of glitches and malfunctions. 
For the time being, full self-driving is a tantalizing look at what could be the future of our driving experience. Tesla even claims that robo-taxis—self-driven cars that could put Uber and Lyft drivers out of work—might soon be carting us from point A to B. 

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