Sony Has Unveiled Its EV—And You Can Game on The Go

Sony unveiled its newest car, the Vision S-02. This car provides a full entertainment experience for riders with its technology integrated with Sony’s consoles and technology.
Written by Serena Aburahma
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Feb 11, 2022
PlayStation logo in neon
Apparently, you don't have to be a well-known automaker to start producing
electric cars
! Google is trying to change the world of commuting
with the Waymo
, a new self-driving taxi. The Apple Car has had a lot of problems
getting off the ground
, but reports say that initial testing has finally started.
reported that Sony joined the fray with its seven-seater Vision S-02 reveal. It comes with a boatload of interesting technology, including a feature that's sure to delight gamers.

Where does the Sony Vision S-02 get its power?

The latest Vision is actually based on the Vision S-01, a concept car that Sony debuted in 2020. The Vision S-02 inherits the same platform, which features a 268-horsepower motor on each axle and standard AWD. Sony didn't say how quickly the vehicle accelerates, but it has a top speed of 112 mph.
Drivers would also get to enjoy an air suspension system capable of changing the ground clearance from the standard 6.2 inches. 20-inch wheels are also included.
Sony has yet to reveal anything about the Vision S-02's estimated range. The vehicle is fairly heavy at 5,467 pounds, but its outward appearance makes it look sleek and nimble.

Standout features on the Sony Vision S-02

The Sony Vision S-02's dashboard is completely digitized with three individual screens, including one for each front passenger. These screens allow the riders to make multiple customizations, such as the acceleration and acceleration noises. With the standard Bravia Core streaming service, every rider can
watch movies
in glorious HD.
That's right, there are two more screens on the back of the front headrests for the backseat passengers to enjoy. Only these screens allow you to play your favorite PlayStation games on the road.
However, you can only do that if you already have a PlayStation at home. The crossover's infotainment system has the power to connect to your device remotely. Sony also said that you can access the cloud at any time to play additional titles.
Drivers can enjoy their games and movies to the fullest with the immersive sound system. Speakers were thoughtfully placed inside the headrests of each seat.
Even with all these fancy gizmos, it may surprise you to learn that the Vision S-02 actually isn't fully autonomous. Sony said that this feature is coming as soon as possible, provided it gets approval from the European government.
The Vision S-02'S current cruise control system gives standard Level 2 autonomy. It has a 360-degree camera system thanks to its network of LiDAR and image sensors.

When can you buy the Sony Vision S-02?

Sony had previously been hesitant to compete with other EV developers. However, it's clear that consumer interest and positive reception from critics has changed its mind. The company plans to launch Sony Mobility in March, and the Vision S-02 would likely be its flagship vehicle.
It would still be at least a year or two until you could see the Vision S-02 in showrooms. For now, you might be able to catch it during a future test drive on public roads.

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