Nissan Announces $17.6 Billion Investment into Electric Vehicles

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Many car brands are upping their investment in electric vehicles these days, and Nissan is no exception. That isn't surprising, given that the Japanese car manufacturer has long been ahead of its time when it comes to technology. 
What is surprising, perhaps, is the size of the EV investment from Nissan. This investment shows that Nissan is clearly not just paying lip service to the importance of green technology. 
 Black Nissan Leaf surround by leaves
While some brands don’t believe in an EV future, Nissan is heavily invested in it.

Nissan plans big investment in electric vehicles

Nissan's most well-known contribution to the world of electric vehicles in recent years has been the Nissan Leaf, which has been particularly popular with female drivers. The company is now trying to branch out and develop more of a variety of EVs for all types of consumers.. 
Such innovation doesn't come cheap, however, and Nissan has put its money where its mouth is. As TechCrunch recently reported, the manufacturer has shared plans to invest a whopping $17.6 billion in the development of electric vehicles over the next five years. 

What are Nissan's EV goals for the next decade?

Nissan shared its goals related to EV and battery development as part of a plan dubbed "Ambition 2030," which it recently made public. It hopes to release 15 new EVs and have electric vehicles make up at least half of its lineup by that date. 
Ambition 2030 also includes the goal of developing 23 EVs by the turn of the decade and have completed work on all but three of them in the next five years. With those sorts of goals, it's no wonder the plan comes with such a hefty price tag. 
In addition to this, Nissan plans to release EVs with all-solid-state batteries by 2028. The advantage of such batteries would be a reduced charging time for drivers. 

Nissan's four newly released electric concept vehicles

Ambition 2030 also included a peek at four concept cars, each with its own "relaxing" name: the Chill-Out, Surf-Out, Hang-Out, and Max-Out. 
Tech Crunch writes, "Like most concepts, they're meant to give a taste of Nissan's future technology including self-driving, interior features, and just far-out designs."
To be sure, each of the concept vehicles in question has its own unique design. The Chill-Out is a small crossover that many expect will be an outgrowth of the Leaf. The Surf-Out is a small electric single cab pickup that also offers a removable canopy and off-roading capability. 
For those who are into camping, the Hang-Out may be just what the doctor ordered. It's a small camper van/SUV that offers "a new way of spending time on the move."
Last but not least, the Max-Out looks like an intriguing option for anyone interested in owning an electric sports vehicle like the one that may replace the Chevy Camaro.
Of course, it's important to keep in mind that at this point, only the Chill-Out appears to exist as a real vehicle. The other three have been shown only in renders. 

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