Moke America's Pushing to Get People To Try Their Adorable EVs

Moke America has made an adorable EV that falls into the Low-Speed Vehicles category. Click for more details on this modern twist on a vintage ride. 
Written by Preston Charles
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Mini Moke, the British iconic post-war answer to the
, is back and ideal for the neighborhood putt around. 
Fully electric and coming in an array of splashy colors, the Moke will have you looking stylish as you cart your kid to their friends, pop up to the neighborhood pool, or just go for a slow cruise. 
The new EV Moke fits into a growing group of vehicles considered Low-Speed Vehicles (LSVs) or sometimes called Neighborhood Electric Vehicles.
The Moke tops out at around 25 mph and, like all LSVs, is only lightly regulated - requiring specific windshield glass, backup cameras, pedestrian warning
, and seatbelts. If the street has a speed limit of 35 mph, the Moke is good to roam; just slightly slower than the rest. 

Moke price is no joke

Cute isn’t cheap. According to
, the bare-bones Moke starts at just under $22,000 but if you want to add a stereo or floor mats, you’re paying more. Also, there’s a 3% shipping fee and a 4% credit card fee. 
Once the fees and taxes add up, you’re looking at a base price closer to $24,000. And what do you get for that price? 
The Moke comes with a 12 kWh battery that is easily charged for a 40-mile range. Oh, and did we mention the rainbow of colors and patterns you can choose from? 
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Is Moke America's EV just a fancy golf cart?

A lot of people wonder if LSVs are just nice golf carts. The short answer is not really. Unlike Mokes, golf carts aren’t technically street legal despite neighborhood authorities often looking the other way. They’re also slower and not as safe, or hot pink. 
The Moke is neither a golf cart nor a car but rather somewhere in between the two. Allowed on the neighborhood street, yes, but you might get a look from the course groundskeeper if you try to zip around 18 holes in it. 

Reinvention or last-ditch effort?

The Mini Moke has gone through multiple iterations in several different countries since its original conception as a military vehicle. From the UK to Portugal, Australia, and the Caribbean islands, the Mini Moke tended to catch the most popularity as a beach buggy in coastal towns. 
Seeing as though Moke America’s factory is in Sarasota, Florida, CEO, Todd Rome, seems to be hoping that the trend continues in America. But with the abovementioned sticker price, you wouldn’t be alone in being skeptical about its success. 

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