Lexus' LF-FC Is It Really 'Unexpected, Yet Inevitable'?

The Lexus LF-FC is a concept car released in 2015, and while it has some futuristic elements it’s unclear whether Lexus will release this vehicle to the public soon.
Written by Serena Aburahma
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
always seems to blow its rivals out of the water with its futuristic electric concepts. 
The Lexus LF-30 looks like it was plucked directly
out of a sci-fi thriller,
and even comes with integrated drone technology. The Lexus LF-Z Electrified sheds its standard grille for a new face, giving us a taste of Lexus's design language
for the future.
Another concept we might see replicated in future releases is the fuel-cell-powered Lexus LF-FC. There are currently only a handful of fuel-cell cars on the market, but would the LF-FC inspire a trend? Here's what we know from

How hydrogen fuel cell technology shapes the Lexus LF-FC

The Lexus LF-FC comes with a fuel cell powertrain paired with standard AWD. The hydrogen fuel tanks' placement, with the control unit at the front and the cells at the back, achieve an ideal weight distribution. 
According to
Top Speed,
the Lexus LF-FC would reportedly reach 60 mph in 5.5 seconds. Its max speed is estimated to be 155 mph, but we don't know what its horsepower is quite yet.
The even weight and torque distribution suggest that the sedan would be satisfying to drive if it were ever released. It rides on 21-inch aluminum wheels, with rims reinforced by carbon fiber. Its low stance would also make it more aerodynamic around curves and sharp bends.
Paired with its advanced powertrain is a futuristic exterior design. With the "Floating L" headlights and updated taillights, it looks similar to the latest Lexus LS model. The taillights have a three-pronged design to replicate floating body lines, though the LF-FC's headlights are much sharper compared to the LS's.
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Interior trappings of the Lexus LF-FC

The Lexus LF-FC's interior comes with some of your expected luxuries, such as leather seats and wood trim on the doors. However, the driver is greeted with a holographic projection instead of the center infotainment screen. 
All of the car's functions are controlled with gestures, which are arguably less distracting compared to using a screen.
The passenger gets their own personal touchscreen, and several smaller screens are scattered throughout the interior. There's one on the bottom of each front seat to control adjustability and memory options. The screen on the rear center console allows backseat riders to adjust the climate controls.
Lexus also promises that the vehicle will have some self-driving controls. With a collision-free future in mind, the car has an advanced knowledge base to scan its surroundings and make the best judgments in traffic.

Would you buy the LF-FC?

No commercial version of the Lexus LF-FC has been announced, so we're not sure how much it would cost. The Lexus RZ 450e, the automaker's first all-electric vehicle, currently starts at $60,990.
Despite Lexus calling the LF-FC "inevitable", we haven't heard much about it since its debut in 2015. Perhaps Lexus is waiting until more fuel-cell cars enter the market before setting the LF-FC loose.
We also know that Lexus wants to have
10 new electric models
on the market by the end of 2025. It's possible that the Lexus LF-FC could be included in that lineup.

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